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Red Giant

A large, reddish star late in its life cycle

White Dwarf

a small, hot star near the end of its life; the leftover center of an old star

main sequence

the location on the H-R diagram where most stars lie


a gigantic explosion in which a massive star collapses and throws its outer layers into space

neutron star

a star that has collapsed under gravity to the point that the electrons and protons have smashed together to form neutrons


a rapidly spinning neutron star that emits rapid pulses of radio and optical energy

black hole

an object so massive and dense that even light cannot escape its gravity


a collection of stars, dust, and gas bound together by gravity


a large cloud of dust and gas in interstellar space; a region in space where stars are born or where stars explode at the end of their lives

globular cluster

a light group of stars that look like a ball and contains up to 1 million stars

supergiants are at least ___ times bigger than the sun.


open cluster

a group of stars that are close together relative to surrounding stars


a starlike object that may send out radio waves and other forms of energy

Red Giants can be __ or more times bigger than the sun.


H-R diagram

Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, a graph that shows the relationship between a star's surface temperature and absolute magnitude

A star spends most its life time in the____________

Main Sequence

The Sun is a

red Giant

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