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Unit 8 Slavery, Sectionalism, & War

What did the compromise of 1850 consist of?
California is admitted as a free state, Strong Fugitive Slave Act, Slave Trade prohibited, Texas gives up western lands for ten million dollars
Who mostly got rich in the California Gold Rush?
The merchants who sold tools to the miners.
Why did California apply for statehood?
For protect against criminals who were attracted by the gold rush.
What was the underground railroad?
Path of safe houses to help escaped slaves get North
The Fugitive Slave Act said what?
The North would return any of their captured slaves to the South
What was wrong with the South's Fugitive Slave Act?
The Northern States just ignored it.
What was added by the Gadsen Purchase?
Southern tip of New Mexico
The Kansas Nebraska Act did what?
Gave popular sovereignty to decide slavery in the respect states.
What was wrong with the Kansas Nebraska Act?
Fights broke out in the states: Bleeding Kansas
What does Bleeding Kansas ultimately do to the Democratic Party?
Splits them; Republicans form up North, Democrats down South.
What was Harriet Beeche Stowe's Book called?
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Why did Uncle Tom's Cabin help the North?
It cause the British public to side against the South, so they wouldn't assist the South in a War.
In the Standing Crisis of the South, what is Hinton Helper's opinion?
Slavery is keeping jobs away from poor white citizens
In the Lincoln Douglas Debates, what was Lincoln's point of view?
A house cant stand divided, the country should either be all free or all slave.
In the Lincoln Douglass Debates, what was Douglas's point of view?
The country should stay the way it is, the way our founders made it.
What was Filibustering?
Who were Fire-eaters?
Southerns who threatened succession.
Did Lincoln get any votes in the south?
No, but he won every North State
Did the election of Lincoln cause the secession ?
No, but it was the final straw
What did territory did William H. Seward purchase?
The state or Alaska