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  1. utopian
  2. disarray
  3. intermittent
  4. jocular
  5. myopic
  1. a disorder, confusion; to throw into disorder
  2. b humorous, jesting, jolly, joking
  3. c Nearsighted; lacking a broad, realistic view of a situation; lacking foresight or discernment
  4. d founded upon or involving a visionary view of an ideal world; impractical
  5. e stopping and beginning again, sporadic

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  1. offensive, hateful; tending to cause bitterness and resentment
  2. a subtle or slight variation (as in color, meaning, quality), delicate gradation or shade of difference
  3. (n.) a legendary bird identified with the kingfisher; (adj.) of or relating to the halcyon; calm, peaceful; happy, golden; prosperous, affluent
  4. able to get and retain ideas or information; concerned with acquiring wealth or property
  5. someone or something that is abandoned or neglected; left abandoned; neglectful of duty

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  1. surveillanceto display clearly, to make evident, to provoke


  2. summarilydark and gloomy, obscure; lacking in clarity and precision


  3. murkydark and gloomy, obscure; lacking in clarity and precision


  4. incumbentholding or sticking together; making a logical whole; comprehensible, meaningful


  5. atrophythe wasting away of a body organ or tissue; any progressive decline or failure; to waste away