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What happens to the amount of dissolved oxygen when the temp. decreases

dissolved oxygen increases

why would a fish have a higher respiration rate in warmer temp. water

it breathes faster because there is less dissolved oxygen in the water

if water has more carbon dioxide in it, it becomes

more acidic

in photosynthesis, plants use....and produce....

carbon dioxide and oxygen

eutrophication can be caused by

algal blooms due to excess nitrates from fertilizers

if acid rain falls into a pond, what happens to the pH

pH decreases

what is the name of the law that was passed to protect water from having pollutants dumped into it?

clean water act

the deeper the water is


turbidity is a measure of

how clear the water is/clarity of the water is

Living factors to asses water quality


what happens to the pH of a stream after an acidic rainfall

decrease in pH

what happens to the dissolved oxygen levels if plant growth increases

oxygen is being produced

algal bloom eventually leads to...


sediment and debris in water from constrution runoff would most affect which water quaility factor


what is the role of bacteria in the nitrogen cycle

it fixes nitrates

eutrophication=debris=decomp. what would happen to the pH lvls.

pH goes down

Name as many factors you can think of that cause water pollution

pesticides and runoffs and fertilizers and acid rain and air pollution and decomp.

cycle where plants and animals exhange gases

oxygen/carbon dioxide cycle

legislation mandating cleaner surface waters in america

clean water act

relationship between temperature and dissolved oxygen

when temp. increase then oxygen decrease and if temp. decrease then oxygen increase

bioindicatiors used to quickly asses stream health because they are sensitive to pollution and can't easily escape it are what

macro invertebrates

what is the relationship between DO and the diversity of living things in water

more do, more diversity


chemical process when plants create oxygen and glucose


chemical process when it breaks down glucose using oxygen

glucose is what to fish


suppose nitrate level rose significantly for several weeks

plants and animals would eventually die and then soon everything would follow


removal of waste

if the water has group A macro inveratbrates is it healthy or polluted

extremely healthy

if the water has group B and C is it healthy or polluted

some polluted

if the water has only group C

it is extremely polluted


singular cell organism , not a plant

clean water act

help protects our nations by preventing them from being polluted since year 1972

specific species are more or less tolerant of ....


if temp. increases what happens to the photosynthesis

photosynthesis increases

increase of photosynthesis affects the pH,how?

pH level would increase because carbon dioxide in oxygen gets used removing carbon dioxide from the oxygen and remove acid from the oxygen

why is algal bloom a concern to water quality

there would be a lack of sunlight and all the fish would die which is called eutrophication

describe oxygen and carbon dioxide cycle

plants take in carbon dioxide and create oxygen and animals and humans use respiration to take in oxygen and create carbon dioxide and then cycle starts over again

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