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  • What is the first paragraph in an essay called?
    Introductory paragraph
  • What does the introductory paragraph consist of and what is the minimum required sentences?
    Topic sentence 5 minimum introductory sentences Thesis sentence Total minimum of 7 sentences
  • What is the purpose of the introductory paragraph?
    1. To satisfy the reader 2. To introduce the thesis statement 3. To display the writers stance and attitude
  • What are the 7 methods of writing the introductory paragraph?
    1. Begin with a broad subject and narrow down to a specific point. 2. Begin with facts such as dates or statistics. 3. Give a definition of the topic being discussed. 4. Make a startling statement. 5. Give descriptive images that lead up to the Thesis Sentence. 6. Begin with a famous quote. 7. Ask questions you intend to answer in the Body paragraphs of the Essay.
  • True or false? Avoid telling the reader you are about to begin the essay.
  • True or false? Apologize for writing about your topic.
    False, don't apologize
  • True or false? Do not refer to parts of your essay that will be read later on in the essay.
  • Define: Thesis Sentence
    1. It is the main idea of the essay 2. It is the sentence you will defend, prove, or explain about your topic. 3. It is the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. 4. It is always debatable.
  • What will each body paragraph contain?
    It will contain a variety of sentence structure in the essay.
  • What will each body paragraph NOT contain?
    It will NOT contain a concluding sentence ( In the outline or the essay).
  • Where are transitions used in the body paragraph (In the essay)?
    1. Topic sentence. 2. Primary support sentences.
  • What does the concluding paragraph consist of?
    1.Restatement of the thesis: first sentence of the concluding paragraph (transition must be implemented). 2. 2 closing sentences.
  • What is the minimum required number of sentence in the concluding paragraph?
  • What is the purpose of the concluding paragraph?
    It gives the reader a sense of reaching a satisfying end to the topic discussed in the essay.
  • What is the methods of writing a concluding paragraph?
    1. Offer a solution 2. Suggest an alternative 3. State results
  • What are the 3 things to avoid when writing the concluding paragraph?
    1. Do not introduce a new point 2. Do not apologize for writing about the topic 3. Do not leave the reader feeling unsatisfied or with no closure
  • Define the term: Restatement of the thesis.
    It portrays the same idea as the thesis sentence by using different words or phrasing.
  • True or false? A transition must be used in the Restatement of the Thesis.
  • What are the 2 types of outlines?
    1. Topic outline 2. Sentence outline
  • Define: Topic outline
    Each item is a phrase of 3 or more words....exception: the Thesis sentence is written as a complete thought.
  • Define: Sentence outline
    Each item is a complete thought.
  • True or false? The introductory paragraph and the concluding paragraph are not included in the outline of an essay.
  • True or false? You must indent five times for a five paragraph essay.
  • How do you number the pages of your outline?
    Last name and lower case Roman numeral Example: ( Smith i)
  • How do you number the pages of an essay?
    Last name then number Example ( Smith 1)
  • Where are transitions needed in a 5 paragraph essay?
    1. Topic sentence of each body paragraph 2. Primary support sentence of each body paragraph 3. Restatement of the Thesis ( the first sentence of the concluding paragraph)
  • True or false? The transition within a sentence should not appear in the same location.
    True, transitions placed in the same location would result in repetition.
  • Where does the word "Outline " appear on your outline?
    Only on the first page.
  • Do not begin the sentences in your outline with ____?
    1. Coordinating conjunctions 2. Subordinating conjunctions 3. Prepositions 4. Infinitive phrases 5. Conjunctive adverbs (which do NOT appear anywhere in the outline except the thesis statement)
  • What are secondary support sentences?
    They are examples and illustrations of your primary support sentences and they are the most detailed and descriptive.
  • What format does Professor Simpson want her essays?
    Doubled spaced 12 font Times new Roman
  • True or false? Your title appears on every page.
  • True or false? Your header does NOT appear on every page.
  • Where are transitions located in the little brown hand book?
  • Where is the opening paragraph example located in the little brown hand book?
  • Where is the Cover page example located in the little brown hand book?
  • True or false? DO NOT carbon copy from the outline.
  • True or false? when writing an outline, you start on the 3rd line.
  • What does the "T" stand for in the beginning of an outline?
    Thesis sentence
  • What does the Capitalized Roman numerals stand for in the outline?
    Topic sentence
  • What is the A&B in an outline?
    Primary support sentences
  • What is the 1&2 in an outline?
    Secondary support sentences
  • What are the 4 CHARACTERISTICS of a independent clause?
    1. Stands alone 2. Subject and verb 3. Complete thought 4. Makes a sentence
  • What are the 3 CHARACTERISTICS of a dependent clause?
    1. Cannot stand alone 2. Usually begins with a subordinating conjunction 3. Incomplete thought
  • Independent clause + Independent clause
    Needs a semi colon, word after semi colon is lower case
  • Independent clause + Coordinating conjunction + Independent clause
    Comma always before coordinating conjunction
  • Independent clause + conjunctive adverb + Independent clause
    Semi colon before conjunctive adverb and comma after the conjunctive adverb
  • Dependent clause + Independent clause
    Needs punctuation
  • Independent Clause + Dependent Clause
    Does not need punctuation
  • What are some characteristics of a infinitive phrase?
    Always two words and always starts with to
  • What is the acronym for coordinating conjunctions?
    FANBOYS For And Nor But Or Yet So
  • Who is your comp teacher?
    Professor C. Simpson
  • What is your class number?
    ENC 1101-298
  • What is your class time?
    8:00 AM-9:15AM
  • What is Professor Simpson's email?
  • When is the final exam?
    December 8th 8:00AM-10:00AM and plus all the time you need
  • Where is Professor Simpson's office located?
  • What is Professor Simpson's attendance policy?
  • What is the first sentence of the body paragraph?
    Topic sentence
  • Give an example of two coordinating conjunctions
  • Give examples of subordinating conjunctions
    as, because, in order that, since, so that
  • Give examples of conjunctive adverbs
    also, besides, further, nevertheless
  • What are apostrophes used for?
    Ownership and contractions.
  • Where is the plural possessive apostrophe supposed to be placed?
    After the "S"
  • Where is the singular possessive apostrophe supposed to be placed?
    Before the "S"
  • True or False? If the proper pronoun does not end in "s" the apostrophe is after
  • What is the exception for "its" when using apostrophes?
    It's= it is Its= possessive pronoun
  • If the noun is already plural does the apostrophe come before or after the "s"?
  • True or False? Possessive pronouns never take apostrophes?
    True (his & her)
  • True or False? the word "it" can be used as a possessive pronoun and a contraction?