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  1. As a response to overcrowding, residents if medieval cities built
  2. fief
  3. Feudalism developed as a way for medieval societies to
  4. serf
  5. To achieve salvation, medieval Christians believed they must
  1. a an estate granted to a vassal by his lord
  2. b taller houses and shops
  3. c receive the sacraments
  4. d protect themselves
  5. e a person who is bound to the land and owned by the feudal lord

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  1. Vikings
  2. remained on the land to serve the new lord
  3. the city was overcrowded within the city walls.
  4. He converted to Christianity, the religion of the people of Gaul
  5. King of Franks; conquered Gaul; earned support of Gaul and Church of Rome by converting; Ruled lands in Frankish custom but kept Roman legacy

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  1. What was the result of the church reforms of Pope Gregory VII in 1073?Only the church could appoint Church officials such as bishops


  2. What was a purpose of the missi dominici that Charlemagne sent throughout his kingdom?They administered the law.


  3. journeymana document that set out the rights and privileges of a town


  4. knightan estate granted to a vassal by his lord


  5. In the manor system, the peasants had towithdrew many rights that nuns had enjoyed


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