15 terms

continuation of social studies quiz 7-14

War of 1812 navy
Britain was impressing American sailors
Violating U.S. Neutrality
War Hawks voted to go to war with Britain
Well trained, but small
British blockaded American seaports
Frontier War
Indians allied the British
Battle of the Thames-Tecumseh dies
Battle of Horseshoe Bend- Indians surrender
along the coast
British attacked capital and White House
Dolly Madison saved portrait of Washington
Southern Borders
Battle of New Orleans-January 8, 1815
2000 British killed, 100 Americans
Peace Treaty signed two weeks earlier
Treaty of Ghent
Signed in Belgium December 24, 1814
National Anthem written
Monroe Doctrine
December 2, 1823
North and South America were off limits to future colonization by any foreign power
Attempts to colonize would be a hostile act
missouri compromise
Missouri wanted to be added as a slave state
Free states were upset
Missouri would be a slave state if Maine was a free state
No more slavery north 36 degrees 30 minutes
Indian Removal act
Problems with Indians/settlers in southeast
Moved all Indians to Oklahoma (Indian territory)
Trail of Tears (Cherokee removal)
Life under slavery
Treated as property
B. Used punishment to make them obey
C. Sold at auctions
challenging slavery
Nat Turner's Rebellion
1. Killed his masters and 60 other white people
2. 100 slaves killed
3. Hanged for his actions.
Abolition-end to slavery
C. Wanted to send freed Africans to back to Africa
D. Fredrick Douglas-Free slave who spoke out
E. Underground Railroad-Harriet Tubman was a
F. White Southerners fought the abolitionists
independent texas
Attracted new citizens
1. Stephen Austin brought American settlers to Mexico in exchange for land
2. Former Americans didn't follow Mexican laws 3. Austin instructed people to form their own gov't 4. Mexican Revolution began against Santa Ana
the alamo
Santa Ana and 3,000 troops took the fort killing all 189 Texan men
2. February 1836 Texas declared themselves a new country
3. April Santa Ana was captured and forced to sign a treaty
the texas republic
Wanted U.S. to annex it
2. U.S. was afraid of Mexico and refused
3. Texas was bankrupt and continued to fight Mexico 4. People still moved to Texas for the free land
manifest destiny
Expansion across the continent to the Pacific ocean
2. Spreading democracy would improve the land
3. 49th parallel was the Canadian border
4. Texas became a state in 1845
war with mexico
Dispute over Mexican border
2. Many battles throughout Mexico and U.S.
3. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo or the Mexican Cession
a. California,Nevada,andUtah b. Also parts of Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma,
New Mexico, and Wyoming
4. Gadsden Purchase for the rest of Arizona and New Mexico