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This set contains vocabulary for the week of 3/21/11.


Expressing or of the nature of necessary truth or absolute certainty




The point farthest from the center of a celestial body reached by an object orbiting it; the farthest or highest point


An opening or open space (hole); the opening in a lens that admits light; the diameter of this opening


A short sequence stating a general truth or practical observation


A Jewish or early Christian symbolic writing about a final flood destroying the powers of evil and ushering in the kingdom of God; a prophetic revelation


Growth or orientation away from the earth or gravity


The loss of one or more sounds or letters from the end of a word ("sing" from the Old English word "singan")


The leaving of a thought incomplete, usually by a sudden breaking off; to be fully silent


The raising of an issue by claiming not to mention it


Stroke (a rupture or obstruction of artery of brain causing loss of voluntary movement, etc.)


Elevation to divine status


A mark ' used to show the omission of letters or numbers, the plural of letters or figures ('78, 9's, t's); the rhetorical addressing of an absent person as if present or an abstract idea or inanimate object as if capable of understanding


One sent on a mission; an ardent supporter; the first who initiates great moral reform or avocates an important belief or system


A formal justification; excuse; an admission of error or discourtesy accompanied by an expression of regret


One who renounces religious faith; one who abandons previous loyalty


Being conspicuous and serving to know


A small, concave, outward curve joining the shaft of a column, especially a classical column to its base; a similar curve joining the shaft of a column to its capital


Pertaining to leave--taking or departing


A spiritual or symbolic story usually intended to convey a moral

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