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S/he desires/wishes to become...

Desea hacerse

What will s/he make/do?

¿Qué hará?

S/he will marry/get married to...

Se casará con...

S/he will move (houses)

Se mudará

S/he will have unforgettable adventures

Tendrá aventuras inolvidables

S/he will travel... In a plane, travel the world

Viajará por... avión
El mundo

They will find each other/meet up

Se encontrarán

Fortune teller

Una adivina

S/he tells him/her

Le cuenta

So that it doesn't happen

Para que no ocurra/pase

S/he stays at home

Se queda en casa

S/he pays him/her

Le paga

S/he feels calm/mellow

Se siente tranquilo

Upon hearing it, s/he gets depressed

Al oír, se deprime

Don't worry, everything will turn out well for you

No te preocupes, todo te saldrá bien.

If s/he/I went, s/he would get sick

Si fuera, se enfermaría

If s/he/I opened the door, s/he would get a cold

Si abriera la puerta, se resfriaría

S/he thinks about going to the doctor's office

Piensa en ir al consultorio

S/he starts to sneeze and cough

Comienza a estornudar y toser

If s/he had contact with sick people, he/she could die

Si tuviera contacto con los enfermos, podría morirse

S/he suggests that s/he call...

Sugiere que llame a...

I will be


I will know/find out


To trick




I don't want to leave here

No quiero irme de aquí

I can make you happy

Te puedo hacer feliz

I will say



Para siempre

Many times

Muchas veces

When we are together

Cuando estamos juntos

I would want

Yo querría

Any moment

En cualquier momento

I thank him/her

Le agradezco

Nothing could (ever) compare

Nada se podrá comparar

It sounds unreal/like a lie

Parece mentira

It firs you small, it's too small for you

Te queda pequeña

I fly/to fly



Las nubes

So much love

Tanto amor

You have made me feel

Tú me has hecho sentir

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