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Toshba Terms to help discuss returning lost property

Review for quiz on thursday 1/12/2012
השׁבּת אבּדה
Returning lost property.
No one claims it or it can't be identified so it is ownerless and anyone can claim it. The finder isn't required to return it.
חיב להכריז
The finder is obligated to advertise the object in order to return it, because it has identifying marks.
Change made to an object that allows the object to stand out, and out from the others too.
A mark that was always part of the object or the physical position that the object is found in that allows it to be defined.
Randomly spread out.
Mass Production
Many items are produced together so they have no identifying marks.
despair-the owner gives up all rights of ownership-because the object has no identifying marks and because too much time has passed since it was lost.