Computer Literacy Chapter 6

software that gathers information about a computer user's Internet travels without the person's knowledge, much like spyware. Adware sometimes accompanies downloaded software, usually with some written acknowledgment of the software's presence.
Bad Sector
a portion of a disk that cannot be used because it is flawed.
Error Checking
a utility program that examines a disk for data storage errors, from physical defects on the disk surface to weakened areas that might cause that space to be unreliable, and corrects any errors that it can.
hardware or software designed to give users secure access to the Internet or a company network. Firewalls are designed to prohibit unauthorized access to computer resources and files.
Macro Language
a special purpose command language included in applications, such as spreadsheet software and word processors. Although it is not a full-blown programming language, it is used to automate sequences within the application.
software developed for the purpose of being harmful. Malware includes spyware, worms, and viruses.
Service Pack
a collection of updates, corrections, or enhancements to a software program. A Service Pack can be downloaded as a single installable package.
storage channels on a disk or tape. On magnetic disks, a track is a concentric circle. CD and DVD tacks have one continuous spiral-shaped channel starting at the center and moving outward.
Windows Registry
a database included in a Windows installation that records configuration information.
Windows Security Center
a feature that makes a computer more secure by alerting the user when the security software is not updated and identifying possible security threats.
Windows Vista Firewall
a bidirectional firewall that prohibits unauthorized access to a computer and stops many kinds of malware before it can infect the system.
Windows XP Firewall
a component of Service Pack 2 that prohibits unauthotized Internet traffic leaving the computer. It is not adequate protections against spyware.
a special type of virus that can replicate itself and use memory but, can't attach itself to other programs