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  1. astray
  2. yearned
  3. swath
  4. forsaking
  5. Eumaeus
  1. a the space covered by the stroke of a scythe
  2. b quitting or leaving entirely
  3. c off the correct or known path
  4. d to have a strong desire
  5. e swineherd/ trusted servant

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  1. the second-sighted man
  2. cattleherd who prays for Odysseus's return
  3. any event believed to portend something good or evil
  4. the expression of grief
  5. easily bent; supple

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  1. wroughtworked


  2. covenantan agreement between two or more persons


  3. mockeryridicule; derision


  4. bestowslay


  5. flourishingbeing at the height of development, activity, or fame