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  1. brooch
  2. reviled
  3. libation
  4. Melanthius
  5. yearned
  1. a to have a strong desire
  2. b to address or speak of with contemptuous or abusive language
  3. c a clasp or ornament with a pin at the back
  4. d evil goatherd
  5. e a pouring out of wine or other liquid in honor of a deity

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  1. off the correct or known path
  2. a person who fights with the fists
  3. free from disease; healthy
  4. the second-sighted man
  5. female servants or attendants

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  1. slumberslay


  2. bestowreserved or reticent


  3. flourishingbeing at the height of development, activity, or fame


  4. querna primitive, hand-operated mill for grinding grain


  5. toilto labor arduously


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