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  1. vengeance
  2. heed
  3. astray
  4. handmaiden
  5. fasting
  1. a to give careful attention to
  2. b revenge
  3. c off the correct or known path
  4. d to abstain from all food
  5. e female servants or attendants

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  1. reduced to poverty
  2. a loud confused noise
  3. the expression of grief
  4. to address or speak of with contemptuous or abusive language
  5. to have a strong desire

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  1. fagotsto grow less in extent, as in the moon


  2. Melanthiusson of Odysseus


  3. halefree from disease; healthy


  4. toilharsh, forbidding, fierce


  5. scythea tool with a long curving blade used in cutting grass or grain