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  1. mockery
  2. paunch
  3. Eumaeus
  4. hale
  5. strive
  1. a to exert oneself vigorously
  2. b a large protruding belly
  3. c swineherd/ trusted servant
  4. d free from disease; healthy
  5. e ridicule; derision

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  1. to labor arduously
  2. to strike down
  3. a person who fights with the fists
  4. to grow less in extent, as in the moon
  5. the space covered by the stroke of a scythe

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  1. fagotsbundles of sticks bonded together and used for fuel


  2. broocha clasp or ornament with a pin at the back


  3. wedlockreserved or reticent


  4. steadfastfirm in purpose


  5. Odysseusswineherd/ trusted servant