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  1. steadfast
  2. bestow
  3. lamentation
  4. ponder
  5. grim
  1. a to consider something deeply and thoroughly
  2. b harsh, forbidding, fierce
  3. c firm in purpose
  4. d to present as a gift
  5. e the expression of grief

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  1. to address or speak of with contemptuous or abusive language
  2. a pouring out of wine or other liquid in honor of a deity
  3. swineherd/ trusted servant
  4. to strike down
  5. to labor arduously

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  1. Ctesippusthrew an ox foot at Odysseus


  2. tidingsnews, information, or notification


  3. wroughta clasp or ornament with a pin at the back


  4. vengeancerevenge


  5. wedlockthe state of marriage