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East Africa

the Great Rift Valley supplies East Africa with
geothermal energy
Mt. Kilimanjaro is located near the______ but it's peak is covered with ice because of it's ....
equator and high elevation
Ethiopian Highlands supply the region with
fertile land for grazing and farming
Lake Victoria
Africa's largest lake
since Lake Victoria is near the eastern rift valley... and si
to hot to swim in and contains alot of salt
the Nile river forms where the ....
Blue and White Nile meet
countries near the equator get much
farther from the equator means
dry and drought
gold, diamonds, rich volcanic soil for farming, geothermal energy
economy is based on
tourism,safari, geothermal energy, and trading
________ played a role in the slave trade
east africans, arabs and europeans
international slave-trade center
a time when Europeans dominated areas rich with resources and expand their empires.
1880's Europeans divided up most of Africa
led to ethnic conflict
most African countries began to fight for and gain their independence from European rulers.
main languages
English, french,and Arabic
a mix of Arabic and African languages
Islam Christianity Animism
modern cities, trade ports, areas of industry, railroads, parks; peaceful countries
Tanzania Kenya
Tutsi and Hutu have been in
conflict for decades
large populations has led
economic problems health issues and conflict
is Africa's largest country
Ethiopia & Eritrea = Protected by mountains
and landlocked
occurred in Darfur when Black Sudanese were killed by an Arab militia
was never under the rule of a European country
Ethiopia has known serious
droughts and starvation
Somalia experienced severe drought and widespread starvation in the