CPR quiz 1/12

this is only for adult.
What does CPR stand for?
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
What are the 3 life threatening conditions?
breathing, bleeding, no pulse
How do you protect yourself from the spread of disease?
wear gloves
What are the first three steps in any emergency situation?
check. call. care.
What are the three steps when caring for the victim?
A- open airway by tilting the head back, B- breathing by look, listen and feel , C- compressions when not breathing
What are the steps for adult CPR?
check. call. care. look. listen. feel. 30 compressions. 2 breaths. repeat.
How deep should the compressions be?
1- 1 1/2 inches
Where do you put your hand when doing compressions?
on the breastbone
How long should the breaths last?
1 second
When can you stop CPR?
When.. breathing, 911 comes, AED, someone else takes over, to exhausted to continue, scene becomes unsafe
What are the steps for a conscience choking adult?
ask for permission. 5 back blows. 5 abdominal thrusts. repeat.
What do you do if they are coughing?
encourage them to keep coughing.
Where do you do the back blows?
between shoulder blades
Where do you do the abdominal thrusts?
above the naval and below the breast bone
How do you know when someone is choking?
When their chest does not rise or fall when given breaths
What are the steps for unconscious choking adult?
check. call. care. look. listen. feel. 30 compressions. 1 breath. retilt head back (once the air doesn't go in). another breath. 30 compressions. look for object. 2 breaths. repeat (until you can finger sweep the object out)
What do compressions do?
Circulates the blood (doesn't restart the heart)
What does the AED do?
Shocks the heart back into a normal, effective rhythm
What do you do when you think they have a neck injury?
don't move them
When should you move a victim?
when the scene is unsafe, you have to move them to care for another victim, you have to move them to care for them
What does AED stand for?
Automated External Defibrillator
Where do the pads go?
upper right and lower left
Where do you pu the pad for an infant?
on the front and back
What are some signs for a heart attack?
pain in chest, difficulty in breathing, sweating, pain in arm
Should you touch them while detecting their pulse?
What precautions should you go through before AED?
make sure they are dry, not laying in water, and they are on a flat surface
Do you remove medicine patches?
How many cycles can you do in two minutes?
5 cycles
What do you do during shock?
elevate feet about 12 inches and lay them on their back
What do you do when the victim starts the vomit?
turn them on their side so they don't choke