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Ch. 3 El Secuestro


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What time did they enter Hotel Presidente?
What was the beautiful teacher wearing?
The Latest European fashion, an elegant dress with a fine gold necklace with pearls and sapphires.
What's going on in the back of the restaurant?
an orchestra is playing.
What type of dessert can Panzon chose from?
-dulce de frutas
-un pastel de chocolate
-un pastel de coco
What is the name of the kidnapped girl's father?
Octavio Augusto Londono
Where do they leave the money?
Monserrate in Bogota; behind the altar in a church.
What does Panzon take out of his bag?
magnifying glass, pencils, notebook, and pipe.
Would Sherlock Holmes be able to work with Luzbel?
No, he wouldn't.
What does the kidnapper's note look like?
Letters cut out of a newspaper on a dirty piece of paper.
Who does Luzbel see in the restaurant?
A man by the door, who she looks at like she's in love.
Does Panzon like Colombian food?
No, he doesn't.
Why does Gloria Elena like jewels so much?
They are poetry for they eyes and are the only beauty in the world that lasts.
What are the teacher's names?
Gloria Elena Fernandez and Luzbel Amargo.
Why was Pepino angry at Panzon?
Panzon talked to his wife on the phone for over an hour.
How much did the kidnapper want for the girl?
10,000 pesos. (diez mil pesos)