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La Quinceañera

Celebrates the coming-of-age of a fifteen year-old girl

El Zócalo

The main plaza in Mexico City

La Catedral Metropolitana

Made in 1572, dominates el Zócalo

El Palacio Nacional

Before Hernán Cortés came, this was the government building of the country

El Museo National de Antropología

Museum of Anthropology

La Bacílica de Guadalupe

The cathedral of Mexico's patron saint, Our Lady of Guadalupe

El Ciduidad de México

The capital of Mexico.

La gran Tenochtitlan

A famous mural by Diego Rivera

El caballero águila

An figurine representing the Aztecs

La Fiesta de Guadalupana

On December 12, millions of people celebrate la Virgen de Guadalupe

La Fiera de los Flores

An annual "floating garden"

La Indepecndencia

The people gather in el Zócalo to celebrate the day Mexico gained its independence

El Ángel

A monument built in 1910 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the country's independence


The Aztec god of water, rain, and agriculture

La Piedra del Sol

Discovered in 1790 in el Templo Meyor

El Centro de la Ciudad

Where the Spanish destroyed the Aztecs' buildings and pyramids and built houses and public buildings

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