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  1. A mí (no) me gusta(n)...
  2. simpático
  3. ¿Qué hacen tus amigos los fines de semana?
  4. Prefiere pasar el rato solo(a).
  5. jugar al tenis(al ajedrez)
  1. a He/she/you prefer(s) to spend time alone.
  2. b friendly
  3. c I (don't) like...
  4. d to play tennis (chess)
  5. e What do your friends do on weekends?

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  1. And your friends, what do they like to do?
  2. What are you like?
  3. My...'s name is...
  4. prety
  5. I prefer...

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  1. las novelas de misteriomystery novels


  2. A ellos les gusta(n)...I (don't) like...


  3. Soy...short


  4. alto(a)tall


  5. ¿Te gustan más... o...?He/she/you like(s)...very much.