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• Etiology: 2 leading cause of death; 30% of Americans will get cancer, 25% of Americans will die from cancer
o Condition in which cellular behavior becomes abnormal and cells no longer perform normal functions
o The cells' genetic makeup is altered and changes the way it functions; the abnormal cell then divides, forming additional cancer cells, and this collection of cells invades and eventually takes over normal tissue
o Tumors:
-Benign: pose a small threat to tissue and tend to remain confined in a limited space
-Malignant: grow out of control and spread within a specific tissue; may spread via blood and lymph systems (metastasize) to the entire body
• Classified according to type of tissue in which they occur and how fast they grow
• Skin cancer - easiest to detect and to cure
• Males: highest incidence of cancer in prostate, lung, colon/rectal, urinary, and
• Females: breast, colon/rectal, lung, uterus, leukemias/lymphomas
o Causes of cancer:
-More than 100 types of cancer have genetic origins
-Environmental factors: viruses, exposure to UN light, radiation, certain chemicals (tobacco) and alcohol use
-Fatty diet
• Symptoms/Signs: classic warning signs - change in bowel and bladder habits, sore throat that does not heal, unusual bleeding or discharge, thickening or a lump somewhere in the body, ingestion or difficulty swallowing, change in a wart or mole, nagging cough or hoarseness
• Management: early detection and treatment improves chances of survival; most effective forms of treatment
include surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy