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Hair, Fibers, and Paint

Hair Follicle

hair is an appendage of the skin, growing out of what organ know as the...?

cortex, medulla, cuticle

The three layers of the hair shaft are the?


true of false the scales of most animal hairs can be described as looking like shingles on a roof


this contains the pigment granules that impart color to hair


The central canal running through many hairs is known as the

medullary index

The diameter of the medulla relative to the diameter of the hair shaft is the

1/3;1/2 or greater

Human hair generally has an index of less than; the hair of most animals has an index of ;


Human head hairs generally exhibit _______ medullae


If a medulla exhibits a patterned shape, the hair is ____ origin

Anagen, catagen, telogen

THe three stages of hair growth is


A single hair ____ be individualized to one person by microscope examination


In making hair comparisons, it is best to view the hairs side by side under a ______ microscope


These hairs are short and curly witha a wide variation and a shaft diameter


It ____ possible to determine when hair was last bleached or dyed


The age and sex of the individual from whom a hair sample has been taken can be determined through an examination of the hairs morphological features


Hair forcibly removed from the body ____ has has follicular tissue adhering to its root


Microscopic hair comparisons must be regarded by police and courts as presumptive in nature, and all positive microscopical hair comparisons must be confirmed by ____ typing


Currently DNA typing can individualize a single hair_____


A ___ hair root is a likely candidate for DNA typing.


A minimum collection of ___ full length hairs normally ensures a representative sampling of head hair.


a minimum collection of ___ full length pubic hairs is recommended to cover the range of characteristics present in this region of the body.


__ Fibers are derived totally from animal or plant sources.


The most prevalent natural plant fiber is ___


T or F: Regenerated fibers, such as rayon and acetate are manufactured by chemically treating cellulose and passing it through a spinneret


Fibers manufactured solely from synthetic chemicals are classified as ____


T,F: Polyester was the first synthetic fiber


___ are composed of a large number of atoms arranged in repeating units.


The basic unit of the polymer is called the ___


____are polymers composed of thousands of amino acids linked in a highly organized arrangement and sequence


T,F: A first step in the forensic examination of fibers is to compare color and diameter.


The micropspectrophotometer employing ____ light is a convenient way for analysts to compare the colors of fibers through spectral patterns.


The dye components removed from fibers can be separated and compared by _____ chromatagraphy


Synthetic fibers possess the physical property of ____ because they are crystalline.


The microspectrophotometer emplying _____ light provides rapid and reliable method for identifying the generic class of a single fiber.


Normally fibers posess ____ characteristics


The two most important components of dried paint from the criminalists point of view are the _____,______

layer structure

The most important physical property of paint in a forensic comparison is _____


Paints can be individualized to a single source only when they have a sufficiently detailed____

Electrocoat Primer

this layer provides corrosion resistance for the automobile

Clear Coat

Eye Appeal of the automobile comes from the _____ layer


Pyrolysis gas chromatography is a particularly valuable technique for characterizing paints_____


Emission spectroscopy can be used to identify the ____ components of paints pigments


T,F: Paint samples removed for examination must always include all of the paint layers

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