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  1. modeling
  2. external locus of control
  3. flashbulb
  4. delusion
  5. standard deviation
  1. a irrational, highly improbable belief
  2. b this term describes what you have if your behaviors are driven mainly by outside forces
  3. c term describes a vivid memory of a personally significant and emotionalevent
  4. d the process of observing and imitating a behavior
  5. e a computation of how much scores vary around a mean

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  1. field of study which concentrates on good psychological traits such as contentment and joy; it also studies character traits such as wisdom, integrity and altruism
  2. the first brain structure to pick up smell information from the nose
  3. a technique in operant conditioning by which desired behaviors receive forms of currency that can be exchanged for rewards
  4. the point in the brain where the visual field information from each eye
  5. class of drugs used to relieve depression by limiting reuptake of a neurotransmitter

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  1. sensory adaptationreduced responsiveness caused by prolonged stimulation


  2. corneathe transparent outer covering of the eye


  3. counter-conditioningone type of hearing impairment caused by mechanical problems in the ear structures


  4. phallicname for Freud's stage which features the Oedipus stage


  5. proactive interferencewhen prior learning disrupts the recall of new information