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  1. echoic
  2. deinstitutionalization
  3. hindsight bias
  4. Electra complex
  5. color blindness
  1. a the tendency, after an event occurs, to overestimate the likelihood that an event could have been predicted
  2. b counterpart to the Oedipus complex for females
  3. c moving people with psychological or developmental disabilities from highly structured institutions to home- or community-based settings
  4. d a variety of disorders marked by inability to distinguish some or all colors
  5. e term that describes memory of sounds

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  1. all of the individuals from which subjects for an experiment may be drawn
  2. term describes conditioning in which the CS for one experiment becomes the UCS in another experiment so that another neutral stimulus can be made to elicit the original UCR
  3. term that describes motivations that derive from one's interest in the object of the motivation, rather than from rewards that one might gain
  4. Freud's pychosexual period during which a child learns to control his bodily excretions
  5. analysis that begins with sensory receptors and works its way up to the brain's integration of sensory information

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  1. omission traininga procedure in which reinforcement occurs when a specific behavior does not occur in a fixed period of time


  2. night terrorscells in the spinal cord through which reflexes travel without going to the brain


  3. serial position effectprocess in sensation during which stimulus energy is transformed into electrochemical (neural) activity


  4. mnemonic devicemethod of improving memory by associating new information with previously learned information


  5. all-or-nothingtendency for group members to think alike with certainty of correctness, biased perceptions of outgroup members, and generally defective decision-making processes