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  1. anchoring heuristic
  2. emotion theories
  3. projective
  4. occipital
  5. groupthink
  1. a term describes a personality test in which ambiguous stimuli trigger revelation of inner feelings, thoughts
  2. b a mental tendency to base estimates on previously presented information, even if that information has nothing to do with the case at hand
  3. c tendency for group members to think alike with certainty of correctness, biased perceptions of outgroup members, and generally defective decision-making processes
  4. d this lobe contains the primary vision processing function
  5. e James-Lange, Cannon-Baird and Singer-Schachter are three

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  1. this organizes data and is used to make predictions
  2. counterpart to the Oedipus complex for females
  3. seen when an individual is in a relaxed, unfocused, yet still awake state
  4. phenomenon that some people get better even though they receive not medication but an inert substance which should have no medical effect
  5. this carries information from the brain to the muscles; also called

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  1. cross-sectionaldefense mechanism in which one disguises one's won unacceptable impulses by attributing them to others


  2. social exchangea theory that suggests that our behavior is based on maximizing benefits and minimizing costs


  3. MMPIAlbert Ellis's form of therapy for psychological disorders


  4. evolutionarygland that is the master gland of the endocrine system


  5. schizophreniathe transparent outer covering of the eye