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  1. REBT
  2. latent learning
  3. self-actualization
  4. diffusion of responsibility
  5. norm
  1. a the highest of Malow's needs;
  2. b a change in behavior due to experience acquired without conscious effort, s, for example, a student using a quote in an exam essay that the student had never tried to memorize, though eh had encountered it in studying
  3. c reduction in sense of responsibility often felt by individuals in a group; may be responsible for the bystander effect
  4. d an understood rule for social behavior
  5. e Albert Ellis's form of therapy for psychological disorders

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  1. technique in therapy and training in which participants act out new behaviors or skills
  2. a method of creating static images of the brain through computerized axial tomography
  3. stage of language development at about 4 months when an infant spontaneously utters nonsense sounds
  4. condition in which the sympathetic nervous system is in control
  5. the fabric of interconnecting cells that blankets the brain hemispheres; the brain's center for information processing and control

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  1. James-Langetheory of emotion in which physiological arousal precedes the emotion


  2. need for achievementperspective on psychology that emphasizes the study of the brain and its effects on behavior


  3. sensorimotora defense mechanism in which unacceptable energies are directed into socially admirable outlets, such as art


  4. attractionfeeling of being drawn toward another and desiring the company of a person


  5. anorexia (nervosa)an eating disorder in which one starves oneself even though significantly underweight


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