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  1. identity vs. role confusion
  2. self-concept
  3. just noticeable difference
  4. chunking
  5. role-play
  1. a the threshold at which one can distinguish two stimuli that are of different intensities, but otherwise identical
  2. b one's idea and evaluation of oneself; this contributes to one's sense of identity
  3. c Erikson's stage during which teenagers and young adults search for and become their true selves
  4. d technique in therapy and training in which participants act out new behaviors or skills
  5. e organizing units of information into manageable units such as memorizing a phone number as three groups of information 248-555-1212

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  1. the ability of the brain to identify specific components of visual stimuli such as corners or edges
  2. a learning disability that results in difficulty reading and writing
  3. perspective on psychology that sees psychology as an objective science without reference to mental states
  4. a possible source of the formation of memories; improvement in a neuron's ability to transmit caused by repeated stimulations
  5. in neurons, another name for sensory

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  1. color blindnessa variety of disorders marked by inability to distinguish some or all colors


  2. availability heuristica useful, but unprovable, cognitive shortcut, such as a


  3. convergent thinkinguse of classical conditioning techniques to replace an inappropriate or undesired response with a desireable one.


  4. fluidterm describes a type of intelligence used to cope with novel situations and problems


  5. initiative vs guiltErikson's third stage in which the child finds independence in planning, playing and other activities


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