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  1. placebo
  2. phoneme
  3. mnemonic device
  4. babbling
  5. dyslexia
  1. a in language, smallest distinctive sound unit
  2. b method of improving memory by associating new information with previously learned information
  3. c an inert substance given to the control group in an experiment
  4. d a learning disability that results in difficulty reading and writing
  5. e stage of language development at about 4 months when an infant spontaneously utters nonsense sounds

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  1. the sensory reception system of the eye; includes rods and cones
  2. in psychoanalysis, the basic understanding one develops of the underlying sources of emotion or behavioral difficulty
  3. a method of influencing behavior by rewarding desired behaviors and punishing undesired ones
  4. part of the nervous system that controls the
  5. Thorndike's rule that behaviors which have positive outcomes tend to be repeated

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  1. echoicchemical substance secreted by endocrine glands that affect body processes


  2. preoperationalPiaget's second stage of cognitive development, when egocentrism declines


  3. transductiona defense mechanism in which unacceptable energies are directed into socially admirable outlets, such as art


  4. depressantdefense mechanism in which painful memories are excluded from consciousness


  5. reaction formationthe electrical process by which information is transmitted the length of an axon