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  1. schemata
  2. syntax
  3. spontaneous recovery
  4. displacement
  5. inferiority complex
  1. a plural form of schema
  2. b in classical conditioning the re-occurence of conditioning after it had appeared to be extinct
  3. c defense mechanism in which unwanted feelings are directed towards a different object
  4. d Adler's conception of a basic feeling of inadequacy stemming from childhood experiences
  5. e in language the set of rules that describe how words are arranged to make sentences

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  1. a set of generalizations about a group
  2. William James's school of thought that stressed the adaptive and survival value of behaviors
  3. one type of hearing impairment caused by mechanical problems in the ear structures
  4. seen when an individual is in a relaxed, unfocused, yet still awake state
  5. a false sensory perception that seems to be real but for which there is not an actual external stimulus

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  1. variable-ratioreinforcement schedule used by slot machines


  2. divergent thinkinga procedure in which reinforcement occurs when a specific behavior does not occur in a fixed period of time


  3. manifestthe second rung of Maslow's hierarchy; refers to need for freedom from danger


  4. babblingstage of language development at about 4 months when an infant spontaneously utters nonsense sounds


  5. naturalisticdrug which blocks the activity of neurotransmitters