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  1. self-esteem
  2. cornea
  3. iconic
  4. REBT
  5. just world
  1. a the transparent outer covering of the eye
  2. b the more positive one's estimation of one's qualities and characteristics, the higher this is
  3. c phenomenon that describes the belief that what happens to people is what they deserve
  4. d term that describes the memory of images
  5. e Albert Ellis's form of therapy for psychological disorders

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  1. a disorder characterized by cessation of breathing during sleep
  2. this term describes the situation when you are focused on certain stimuli in the environment while other stimuli are excluded
  3. defense mechanism in which one retreats to an earlier stage of life
  4. loss of memory for events that occurred before the onset of amnesia; eg a soldier's forgetting events immediately before a shell burst nearby, injuring him
  5. the subsystem of the nervous system that does not include the CNS

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  1. big 5 personality factorsalso called the jnd; smallest distinction between two stimuli that can consistently be detected


  2. foveathe central focus area of the retina


  3. transductiontheory that claims that behavior is driven by a desire to lessen drives resulting from needs that disrupt homeostasis


  4. dendritea branch off the cell body of a neuron that receives new information from other neurons


  5. acquisitionone type of hearing impairment caused by mechanical problems in the ear structures