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  1. rods
  2. interneurons
  3. hunger
  4. axon
  5. marijuana
  1. a extension of the neuron which carries, via an action potential, information that will be sent on to other neurons, muscles or glands
  2. b cells in the spinal cord through which reflexes travel without going to the brain
  3. c a drug, often smoked, whose effects include euphoria, impairment of judgment and concentration and occasionally hallucinations; rarely reported as addictive
  4. d it is regulated by the lateral hypothalamus and the ventromedial hypothalamus
  5. e responsible for black and white vision

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  1. humans accomplish this either in parallel (unconsciously) or in serial fashion (consciously)
  2. impairment of language usually caused by damage to the left hemisphere
  3. Kohlberg's stage of moral development in which rewards and punishments dominate moral thinking
  4. evidence of critical period in some animals; they follow the first moving thing they see after hatching
  5. disorder characterized by hallucinations and delusions

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  1. flashbulba stage in human development extending from about ten weeks after conception to birth


  2. genea projective test in which subjects look at and tell a story about ambiguous pictures


  3. artificial intelligencethe electrical process by which information is transmitted the length of an axon


  4. crystallizedterm describes a type of intelligence which applies cultural knowledge to solving problems


  5. normal distributionthe notion that one is better off than those with whom one compares oneself; concept used to explain some feelings of happiness