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  1. egocentrism
  2. hypochondriasis
  3. latent learning
  4. occipital
  5. false consensus
  1. a this lobe contains the primary vision processing function
  2. b in a toddler, the belief that others perceive the world in the same way that he or she does
  3. c a disorder characterized by an unreasonable fear that one has a serious disease
  4. d a change in behavior due to experience acquired without conscious effort, s, for example, a student using a quote in an exam essay that the student had never tried to memorize, though eh had encountered it in studying
  5. e a belief that others share the same opinion about something, when actually most don't

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  1. a disorder characterized by sudden sleep attacks, often at inopportune times
  2. a variety of disorders marked by inability to distinguish some or all colors
  3. a projective test in which subjects look at and tell a story about ambiguous pictures
  4. a relatively enduring evaluation of a person or thing; doesn't always match behavior
  5. initials representing a disorder in which one relives painfully stressful events

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  1. stereotypea set of generalizations about a group


  2. clinicaldescribes a dream in which the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming and is able to influence the progress of the dream narrative


  3. panic disordercharacterized by recurrent, unexpected panic attacks


  4. somatica projective test in which subjects look at and tell a story about ambiguous pictures


  5. mental agedeveloped by Binet; equal to one's chronological age times the percentage score on an IQ test