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Verb phrases, present progressive, & tú commands with reflexive verbs. Include the subject pronoun & the reflexive pronoun. "1st way" = pronoun in front. "2nd way" = pronoun attached.

Yo me estoy quejando

I am complaining (1st way) [quejarse]

Ella está báñandose

She is bathing (2nd way) [bañarse]

Nosotros nos sabemos amarrar

We know how to tie (1st way) [amarrarse]

Ellos saben vestirse

They can dress (2nd way) [vestirse]


Brush! [cepillarse]


Get in! [subirse]


Go to sleep! [dormirse]

Yo me quiero duchar

I want to shower (1st way) [ducharse]

Ella se tiene ganas de callar

She feels like being quiet (1st way) [callarse]

Nosotros tratamos de despertarnos

We try to wake up (2nd way) [despertarse]

Yo me estoy arreglando

I am fixing/getting ready (1st way) [arreglarse]

Nosotros estamos hundiéndonos

We are sinking (2nd way) [hundirse]

Ustedes se están rompiendo

Y'all are breaking (1st way) [romperse]


dry! [secarse]


curl! [rizarse]

Nosotros no nos podemos quedar

We can't stay (1st way) [quedarse]

Nosotros tenemos que bañarnos

We have to bathe (2nd way) [bañarse]

Tú te quieres pintar

You want to paint yourself (1st way) [maquillarse]

Tú tratas de ensuciarse

You try to get dirty (2nd way) [ensuciarse]

Nosotros nos vamos a romper

We are going to break (1st way) [romperse]

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