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World History II Unit IV (Test)

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family in power was the Pahlavi- Shah Reza Pahlavi; established close relations with the USSR and British; got close with Adolf Hitler; Iran- "land of the Aryans;" abdicates throne in favor of his son: Shah Muhammad Reza- very young playboy; Twelver Shiism was present in Iran and disapproved of Muhammad Reza; did not have a lot of legitimacy b/c of the British; aligns himself with the US and British; brutal dictator- claimed power for himself, corruption within regime, kickbacks to cronies, had military that did the dirty work; opposed by the Twelver Shiites (conservative and traditional) and people who did not want the dictatorship (liberal western style reforms); National Front Coalition- advocated liberal reforms: went behind the back of Muhammad and elected a reformist Prime Minister (Mossadigh): mostly popular and began to take power away from the shah; (1953)- began nationalization of the Iranian oil industry (under control of government); US and British were not happy with losing their oil industries- claimed communism; US eliminated Mossadigh and reinstalled shah as the prime leader; CIA agents trained the SAVAK in Iran (enforcement police)- any opposition of the shah, tortured, imprisoned; Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini showed opposition and had liberal and conservative backing against the shah; oil embargo ends, oil prices go down--> Iranian economy fails, job employment goes down; Jimmy carter is against the SAVAK; protests break out; Khomeini becomes an international celebrity; shah appoints a new reformist prime minister who tells him to go to Egypt; opens up the Tehran airport- Khomeini enters and comes to power--> world's only theocratic state; 1980- Saddam Hussein is leader of Iraq and invades Iran--> Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988): leads to nationalization