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  1. frank
  2. anthology
  3. facetious
  4. dogmatic
  5. impede
  1. a stubbornly adhering to insufficiently proved beliefs
  2. b playfully humorous
  3. c to slow the progress of
  4. d open and sincere in expression; straightforward
  5. e a collection of literary pieces

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  1. emotionally unrestrained; gushy
  2. to make beautiful by ornamenting; to decorate
  3. inborn; built-in
  4. to consider perfect
  5. indisputable; not open to question

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  1. ingratean ungrateful person


  2. causticbiting sarcastic or witty


  3. exculpateto leave one country or region and settle in another


  4. intuitionuninteresting; unchallenging


  5. auspiciousimpulsive and unpredictable