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  1. intrepid
  2. embellish
  3. enlightening
  4. context
  5. impression
  1. a courageous; fearless
  2. b circumstances of a situation; environment
  3. c a feeling or understanding resulting from an experience
  4. d to make beautiful by ornamenting; to decorate
  5. e informative; contributing the one's awareness

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  1. done or achieved with little effort; easy
  2. savage; untamed
  3. having no useful purpose; pointless
  4. characteristic of an earlier period; old-fashioned
  5. a union of two or more groups

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  1. disingenuousnot straightforward; crafty


  2. doggedstubbornly persevering


  3. arideasily flowing


  4. candorsincerity; openness


  5. impartialfriendly; sincere