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Give the brain region for the functions described.

Medulla Oblongata

Contains vital centers that regulate heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure, vomiting, coughing.


Smoothes and coordinates skilled skeletal muscle movement; also posture and balance or equilibrium.

Pineal Gland

Secretes melatonin that controls the sleep-wake cycle.


Controls and integrates the autonomic nervous system; regulates hormones, emotional behavior, temperature, eating and drinking behavior.

Cerebral Cortex

Interprets sensory input, controls skilled skeletal muscle movements, and is involved in emotional and intellectual processes.


Helps control breathing; conducts impulses to and from the cerebellum, midbrain, and medulla.


Relays all sensory input to the cerebral cortex; involved in skeletal muscle actions and memory processing.

Corpora Quadrigemina

Coordinates visual and auditory reflexes.

Basal Nuclei

Coordinates gross, automoatic muscle movements; also involved with the limbic system.

Corpus Callosum

White fiber tracts communicating between hemispheres.

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