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Functions of Brain Regions

Give the brain region for the functions described.
Medulla Oblongata
Contains vital centers that regulate heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure, vomiting, coughing.
Smoothes and coordinates skilled skeletal muscle movement; also posture and balance or equilibrium.
Pineal Gland
Secretes melatonin that controls the sleep-wake cycle.
Controls and integrates the autonomic nervous system; regulates hormones, emotional behavior, temperature, eating and drinking behavior.
Cerebral Cortex
Interprets sensory input, controls skilled skeletal muscle movements, and is involved in emotional and intellectual processes.
Helps control breathing; conducts impulses to and from the cerebellum, midbrain, and medulla.
Relays all sensory input to the cerebral cortex; involved in skeletal muscle actions and memory processing.
Corpora Quadrigemina
Coordinates visual and auditory reflexes.
Basal Nuclei
Coordinates gross, automoatic muscle movements; also involved with the limbic system.
Corpus Callosum
White fiber tracts communicating between hemispheres.