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test one review for cgs 2100 at tcc

The Internet

is a worldwide collection of computer networks that allows people to communicate and exchange information quickly and easily.


is a service the Internet offers that enables individuals and businesses to test and market products and services to a global audience.

Why do businesses use the WWW?

to sell, advertise, and communicate with costumers as well as employees

What types of networks use radio frequency signals to transmit data between individual computers and devices that are physically connected to a network?

wireless networks

Web pages are stored on a ____

web site

a company that provides internet access

ISC (internet service provider)

search criteria

are keywords that relate to the topic for which you want to find information on the Web


is a standardized procedure the computers use to exchange data.


are two of the most common protocols used on the Internet

The term "PC" refers to computers that :

use Microsoft Windows

The design and construction of the hardware of a particular computer is referred to as its

architecture or configuration

A computer interprets every signal as either "on" or "off, " using numbers known as

binary digits (bits)

A computer

an electronic device that accepts information and instructions from a user, manipulates the information according to the instructions, displays the information in some way, and stores the information for retrieval later

What is mounted on the motherboard and is responsible for executing instructions to process data?

The CPU (central processing unit)

Because a computer can access ____ memory more quickly than RAM, frequently and recently accessed data and commands are stored there instead of in RAM.


BIOS (basic input/output system)

the set of instructions that tells a computer to initialize the motherboard, how to recognize devices connected to the computer, and to start the boot process

executable file

A file that contains the instructions that tell a computer how to perform a specific task.


is a storage medium

Your computer needs ____ devices to accomplish input and output functions.


Most flat panel monitors use ____ technology.


A monitor is a(n) ____ device.



The rules that establish an orderly transfer of data between sender and receiver

data bus

The path between microprocessor, RAM, and peripherals

When you plug a USB connector into a USB port, ____.


For most USB devices, power is supplied via

the port

A network

connects one computer to other computers, enabling you to share data and resources with others.

The Internet is the largest example of a ____.


task bar

is a strip that contains buttons to give you quick access to common tools and running programs.

Trash bin?

holds deleted items until you remove them permanently.

Windows 7 is a(n) ____ that manages and coordinates activities on the computer.

operating system

Windows 7 utilizes a(n) ____, which uses graphics to represent items stored on your computer.


To interact with objects on your desktop, you use a ____.


When you point to icons on the taskbar, a(n) ____ displays to tell you the name or purpose of the object.



A group or list of commands


is a container that helps to organize the contents of your computer.

In Windows, right-clicking an object ____.

opens a menu

How many program(s) can be active at a time.

no set limit

keyboard shortcut

is a key or combination of keys that perform a command.

a file

is a collection of data that has a name and is stored on a computer.

You organize files by storing them in ____.


____ disks are permanently stored on a computer.


The top level of the file system is known as the ____.

root directory?

A computer distinguishes one drive from another by assigning each a drive ____.


The hard disk is usually assigned to drive ____.


Since John will be transferring personal files from the existing computer to a new one, he should make sure the new computer includes a ____.

hard drive?

John will be updating some of Max's personal documents, such as his address labels, on his own laptop. John prefers to use his flash drive for transferring files. Therefore it would be helpful if Max's home computer included a(n) ____.

USB port

Max wants the following information on his "home and personal" computer: medical records, vacations, and tax information. Max wants to keep the tax information for his five family members separate. John creates ____.

separate folders


refers to the steps a computer owner takes to prevent unauthorized use of or damage to the computer

application software

enables you to perform specific computer tasks, such as document production, spreadsheet calculations, and database management

An external peripheral device must have a corresponding expansion port and cable that connect it to the computer.


a firewall can be either hardware or software


The most common magnetic storage device is the ____

hard disk


permits high-speed connections over phone lines.


refers to the ability of a software program to use data from another file.

A graphics display divides a monitor's screen into ____.


a record

is a collection of data items in a database.

A motherboard is a(n) ____________________, a rigid piece of insulating material with electrical paths on it that control specific functions.

circuit board

A system resource is any part of the computer system, including memory, storage devices, and the microprocessor, that can be used by a computer program.


cloud computing

means that data, applications, and even resources are stored on servers accessed over the Internet rather than on users' computers.

A computer's graphics card controls the signals the computer sends to the monitor.


CMOS (Complementary metal oxide semiconductor memory)

changes every time you add or remove hardware; therefore, it is often referred to as semipermanent memory.

A printer on a network is considered a


Of the following, generally the most expensive computer (given similar capabilities) is a ____.


An executable file

contains the instructions that tell a computer how to perform a specific task.

High-speed connections are often called ____ connections.


The original ASCII system consisted of a total of ____________________ common characters and nonprinting control characters.


Flash memory is similar to ROM except that it can be written to more than once.


Sending an e-mail is an example of ____.

data communication

The communications software that helps you navigate the Web is called ____________________.

a web browser

modifying data is called



is space on Windows Live servers where you can store up to 25 GB of files in public or private folders, or in folders that you make available to only people you specify.

dot pitch

______ measures the distance between pixels on a monitor's screen.

search engine

search the Web for the words or expressions you enter as search criteria

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