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AUD Background

Air Conduction Audiometry

Testing hearing by introducing the tone into the ear canal, with the sound waves then traveling to the drum membrane st the end of the canal (as opposed to bone conduction).

Bone Conduction Audiometry

In hearing testing, introduction sound waves directly into the cochlea via the bones of the skull.


The snail shaped part of the inner ear containing the sensory organs of hearing.

Mixed Hearing Loss

A hearing loss caused by both conductive and sensorineural problems.


Present at birth.


Caused by genetic factors.


A structure containing genes that trasmit genetic information.

Hearing Impairment

Any loss or abnormality of structure or function of the auditory system.


Between blood relatives.


Acquired or caused by factors outside of genes.


Preceding birth.


The period surrounding birh, between the 29th week of gestation to one to four weeks after birth.


Occurring after birth.


The development of organs, which in humans occurs during the fetal period.


Conditions that follow or occur as a consequence of another condition (e.g. Illness) or event (e.g. trauma).


A five point evaluation system for identifying the status of newborns.

Otitis Media

Inflammation of the middle ear.


Fluid that has exuded into the middle ear space,

Spondaic Words

Two syllable words pronounced with equal tress on each syllable.


Gradual decrease in responsiveness following repeated exposure to a stimulus.

Auditory Brainstem Response

An elctrophysiological response to sounds that results in 5 to 7 peaks that appear within 10ms after the presentation of the signal (usually a click).


The detection of individuals at risk for a condition (e.g. Hearing loss, language disorder).

Cochlear Implant

A coil and electrodes surgically placed in the inner ear and connected to an external transmitter/signal processor. It is intended to produce sensations of sound for owe with profound hearing impairment.

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