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Lactic Acid

What is the term for the by-product of an aerobic workout which causes muscle soreness and stiffness 24-48 hours after an intense workout?

Breakdown of energy sources in presence of oxygen

Define aerobic

Breakdown of energy sources in the absence of oxygen

Define anaerobic


The study of movement is called what?


What is the term the refers to the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and protein into energy with the involvement of oxygen?

Anaerobic threshold

What is the term for the point where muscle glycogen is the predominant energy source?


What is the term for a type of negative reinforcement used to weaken of eliminate an unwanted behavior?

One that is learned through practice

What is a conditioned stimuli?


What would you call a stimuli that naturally causes a response?


What is the term used when a horse moves away for pressure to avoid a more severe punishment?


What is the term used when a horse runs or bolts from stimuli?

The environment in which it is raised

An animal's ability to learn and solve problems has been shown to be greatly influenced by what?

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