Ms. Russo Arcadia facilitator

n. - a person who assists
s. - helper
a. - loner

- The facilitator ran William's wedding event.
adv. - without error
s. - perfectly
a. - full of mistakes, imperfectly

- Since the two Olympic winners did not perform flawlessly, they did not place.
v. - making or to move (ahead)
s. - creating
a. - destroying
- The blacksmith was forging a shoe for the stallion.
- Equality was forging a path through the Uncharted Forest.
adj. - awesome
s. - inspiring
a. - ordinary

- The fitness trainer pondered that climbing South Mountain would certainly be a formidable task for some beginning hikers.
v. - to send to a new destination
s. - to pass on to elsewhere or to another person
a. - to remain in place, to go backwards

- "Dave, the post office will forward your letter."
adj. - thin and weak
s. - feeble
a. - robust, healthy, strong

- The elderly lady seemed too bent over and frail to travel by herself.
adj. - useless
s. - not worth the effort
a. - worthwhile, having value

- "Forget it!" the Council protested. "Equality is so stubborn that trying to change his mind is futile."
n. - reflection of light
s. - glow
a. - dullness, darkness

- Indeed, the bright gleam from Equality's invention was a beautiful, yellow color!
n. - great delight
s. - merriment
a. - sadness, depression

- When Golden One spotted Equality in the forest, glee filled her smile and heart.
v. - stared angrily
s. - leered
a. - to look without judgment, to glance

- Instead of celebrating Equality's discovery, the belligerent World Council glowered at him.
(Not a grizzly bear - different spelling)
adj. - gruesome
s. - terrifying
a. - pleasing

- "Don't you think that the latest zombie movie was grisly in parts?"
v. - to flow with a bubbling sound, as when water in a stream flows over rocks
s. - to make a swishing water sound, to babble
a. - to be still, stagnant, or calm (waters)

- Since the water in the stream was not gurgling, Equality saw his reflection for the first time.

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