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Smallest unit of matter, found of the periodic table


Make of only 1 kind of atom, found of the periodic table


2 or more atoms joined in a chemical bond, bond can be ionic (metal/nonmetal) or covalent (nonmentals)


2 or more atoms joined by SHARING electrons (covalent bond)


an atom (or element) with a FULL charge (covalent compounds DO NOT form ions)


attraction between substances (molecule, atom, etc) of the SAME kind. Ex: water attracts other water molecules. Also gives rise to surface tension


attraction between substances of DIFFERENT kinds
Ex: water is attracted to the walls of a tube (this gives rise to capillary action)


mixture where 2 or more substances are EVENLY mixed Ex: salt water, brass (Zn + Cu; don't have to be liquid)


pH of 0-6.9999999; abundance of H+ ions


pH above 7; abundance of OH- ions


made of C, H, and O in a rough 1:2:1 ratio Ex: C6H12O6, or C12H22O11


monomer (what something is made of) of a carbohydrate


made of C, H, and O like carb, except lots of C and H, not much O Ex: Cholesterol, C27H46O

Fatty Acid

Monomer of a lipid


building blocks of cells; made of C, H, O, N and sometimes P or S

Amino Acid

monomer of proteins; only 20 of them, all living orgs use the same ones (except weird ones in bottom of ocean)

Nucleic Acid

Long of molecules, what DNA is made of


monomer of Nucleic Acids; made of phosphate group, sugar and Nitrogen base


the energy storing molecule in your body

Activation Energy

energy needed to start a chemical reaction...all reactions need activation energy (some more than others)


substances that decrease the activation energy to speed up chemical reactions in the body


the substance the enzyme acts on

Active Site

location on the enzyme that the substrate will bind to so a chemical reaction can happen

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