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how can Rococo art be distinguished from Baroque art?

Prettiness & artificially

What superseded the worship of God in the Rococo?

worship of wealth, pleasure, power

what is the term "Rococo" derived from?

the delicate scroll of a seashell

what was Neoclassicism a revolt against?

Baroque excess

what painting by David had the subject taken from Roman history?

Oath of the Horatti

what painter revolted against the superficiality of the Rococo and returned to Classic principles for his art?


whose court had little effect on the interior design in the Rococo?

Louis XIV

T or F: the prefix neo became part of the term Neoclassicism because of artists' rebellion against the ideals of earlier Greek classicism.


whose paintings reveal a consuming interest in exotic subjects?


Watteau Boucher


moral messages, vitality of line, clarity of overall form, design


architecture ideals rooted in traditions of ancient Greece and Rome


David, Ingres, Canova


Architecture primarily interior design, floral designs, and curved motifs


light and frivolous character, arts mirrored life of the upper class


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