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The purpose of Lincoln's ad Johnson's plan for Reconstruction was to

encourage rapid readmission of ex-Confederate states into the Union.

In 1865 a number of souther states passed Black Codes in Order to

Control movement and provide a stable workforce for the plantations.

The Freedmen's Bureau provided all of the following except

Protection from sharecropping agreements.

Which of the following was NOT provided for African Americans by congressional Reconstruction

Distribution of confiscated confederate farmlands.

President Andrew Johnson was impeached for

removing a radical republican from his cabinet.

An analysis of the election of 1868 best supports the conclusion that

republican victory depended on the votes of african americans.

The republican reconstruction governments in the south accomplished all of the following except

reducing waste and corruption in local and state governments.

By the end of reconstruction most blacks in the south

worked on farms as renters and sharecroppers.

The "redeemers" in the South supported

states' rights and white supremacy.

Congressional Reconstruction ended in 1877 because

it was part of a compromise to resolve the disputed election of 1876.

Which of the following characterized agriculture in BOTH the west and the south in the period 1870-1900

increased production

The outbreak of the Indian wars of 1870s was caused by all of the following except

the division of tribal lands into individual farms for tribal members.

The goals of the assimilationists were most in conflict with which of the following

terms of the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934.

The chief cause of farm protest in the late 19th century was

middlemen, trusts and railroads.

The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 is most closely associated with

hostility to foreigners in western states.

According to the Turner thesis, the frontier encouraged all of the following except

growth of class division.

After the grander laws ran into legal problems and were overturned in the case of wabash vs illinois, congress attempted to provide relief through the

interstate commerce act.

the main result of the crop lien system in the south in the late 19th century was

a cycle of debt for tenant farmers

the new south movement promoted all of the following except

social integration of the races

The supreme court upheld "seperate but equal" accomodations for public transportation in the case of

plessy v. ferguson

During the railroad expansion from 1860 to `900 all of the following were true except

no laws were passed to regulate the railroads.

In the 19th century railroads formed pools in order to

fix prices and divide business for greater profit

Which of the following was NOT considered a proper function of government in the late 19th century

protection of workers from unfair labor practices.

The U.S. economy in the late 19th century was characterized by all of the following except

acceptance of unions and collective bargaining.

The decisions of the supreme court in the late 19th century most often

favored corporations

Social Darwinists would most likely support which of the following

nonregulation of business

The concept of the gospel of welath is reflected in all of the following statements except

money should be distributed to the poor and the homeless

which of the following accurately describes a trend in American society in the late 1880s and 1890s

the workplace became more tightly organized and structured.

the most effective and enduring labor union in the post-civil war era

focused on such goals as higher wages and shorter hours for skilled workers

Which of the following was NOT true of the AMerican labor movement in the late 19th century

labor rights were protected by laws of congress

Which of the following is a correct statement about immigration from 1890-1914

most of the immigrants came from southern and eastern europe

which of the following groups were NOT included among the new immigrants of the late 19th century

Scandinavian farmers

All of the following characterized america's large cities in the last decades of the 19th century except

transportation limited to the central business district

which of the following were most likely to help immigrants adjust to city life in the late 19th century

politicians from tammany hall

Settlement houses were characterized by all of the following except

took little interest in legislative reforms

which of the following did NOT contributed to the development of suburbs in teh UNited STates

European suburban development patterns

This association of poverty with progress is the great enigma of our times... so long as all the increased wealth which mdoern progress brings goes but to build up great fortunes progress is not real and cannot be permanent.

Henry George

Changes in education between 1865 and 1900 included all of the following except

increased emphasis on classical curriculum

which of the following were both examples of realism in the 19th century realism and art

jack london novel and ashcan school

all of the following contributed to the growth of sports and entertainment in the late 19th century america except

puritan ethic and victorian values

Which of the following is a correct statement about national politics in the gilded age?

The two major parties avoided taking strong positions on the issues

the issue of patronage was least involved in which of the following

the nomination of James B. Weaver as a presidential candidate

What two issues dominated national politics in the late 19th century

the money suppy and the protective tariff

In the late 19th century inflationary money policies did NOT appeal to


The Republican billion-dollar congress did all of the following except

enact a law regulating interstate commerce

transportation being a means of exchange and a pubkic necessity the government should

the platform of the populist party

in the election of 1896 the major issue was

the free and unlimited coinage of silver

all of the following were reasons for the decline of the populist party except

waning popularity of grover cleveland.

which of the following conclusions is supported by date in the table

the republcians broke the divided control of congress in elections of the late 1890s

the date in the table would be most relevant in an investigation of which of the following historical topics

political dominance in congress from garfield mckinley

By the end of the 19th century, jingoism in the united states was encouraged by all of the following except

new immigrants

which of the following statements best defines the Open Door policy

all nations should have equal trading rights in China

which of the following DOES NOT correctly describe how a territory was added to the united states

cuba annexed by congress

all of the following concerned U.S. japanese relations except the

teller amendment

which of the following was an immediate cause of the spanish-american war

the sinking of the maine

which of the following best explains the influence of yellow journalism on u.s. foreign policy in the 1890s

sensational news stories stirred the anger of the american public

the roosevelt corollary to the monroe doctrine called for

intervening in latin american nations that could not pay their debts to european creditors

which statement accurately summarizes theodore roosevelts policy on the panama canal

roosevelt gave military support to panama's revolt against colombia

woodrow wilson's foreign policy differed from that of theodore roosevelt and william howard taft by its emphasis on

the application of moral principles to foreign affairs

in 1917 countries shaded on the above map were

subject to U.s. military intervention

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