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Explain the role of Technical Control

To ensure reliable communications through all possible combinations of antennas, transmitters, receivers, frequencies, and terminal equipment.


The primary purpose of the HSGR is to provide an increased transport link between shore facilities utilizing Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), which provides transport services for high speed classified and unclassified IP networks as well as existing Legacy to major shore sites


Marconi TNX-1100 ATM switches interconnecting the HSGR.


Lucent PSAX 2300 ATM switches interconnecting the HSGR.

State how many TNX 1100's make up the HSGR and where they are located

- NCTAMS PAC, NCTAMS LANT, NCTS Bahrain, NCTS San Diego, and NCTS Naples.

State what is the terrestrial connectivity between HSGR sites on.

HSGR is the architecture, the TNX-1100 is the foundational component and the PSAX are the edge devices utilized to connect the DOD Teleports and Land Earth Stations (LES's) to the TNX-1100's at the major communication hubs on the HSGR.


Extremely High Frequency Follow-On-Terminal, is the terminal used to configure EHF LDR/MDR services.


Navy Multi-band Terminal (NMT) is a high data throughput Navy SATCOM program for wideband SATCOM.


Low Data Rate (LDR), supports 2400 bits per second (bps) for information transfer.


Medium Data Rate (MDR). The MDR upgrade to Milstar provides EHF communications capability for data rates from 4.8 kilobits per second (kbps) to 1.544 megabits per second (Mbps).


Network Service, A network has a minimum of three participating terminals, with each member terminal separately configured to either transmit only, to receive only, or to transmit and receive. EHF networks are established as either directed or non-directed networks.


Point-To-Point, A PTP call is usually an ad hoc service (secure voice, TTY, facsimile, or data) between two EHF terminals. This service is not necessarily preplanned, and terminates after the call is completed.


UFO 6 & 7, Channel 1


UFO 10, Channel 1


UFO 8, Channel 1

Discuss the MILSTAR constellation and its unique capability

joint, tri-Service SATCOM program, that features both voice and data services at multiple data rates from various platforms---ability to cross link to each other

Define and discuss the services provided by EHF TIP

Time Division Multiple Access(TDMA) Interface Processor (TIP) - EHF TIP provides an Ethernet connection between a ship's Automated Digital Network System (ADNS) router, their EHF Medium Data Rate (MDR) terminal and a link to either another ship or shore for IP services.

Earth Coverage

That portion of the Earth seen by the satellite. The antenna provides a 17.5 degree view of the Earth as seen by the satellite, and consists of separate horn antennas for SHF transmit and EHF receive functions. The EC beam is capable of supporting 13 communications channels.

Spot Beam

The spot beam antenna is dual frequency, and it forms a 5o beam that is steerable by ground command; it covers a 400 nautical mile (nm) diameter area at the equator, but expands and distorts to an elliptical pattern when directed towards the poles. The spot beam is capable of supporting 13 communications channels.


Commercial Broadband Satellite Program: CBSP is a high data commercial throughput Navy SATCOM program for wideband SATCOM.


Defense Satellite Communications System: X-band military SATCOM capability providing up to 8 Mbps connectivity for data and voice communications.

Wideband Global Satcom (WGS)

Will provide DoD wideband (X, Ka/GBS and 2-way Ka) communications coverage supporting tactical and fixed users and eventually replace the coverage currently provided by DSCS and GBS Ka services available via GBS payloads on UFO satellites.

State the Land Earth Stations (LES) for CBSP.

NCTAMS PAC - Paumalu, HI
Brewster, WA

Fuchsstadt, GE
Oakhanger, UK (Commercial X-Band)

State the DSCS teleport/STEP sites

PAC AOR: Wahiawa (Hawaii)
Camp Roberts (California)
Ft. Buckner (Japan)

LANT AOR:Northwest (Virginia)
Landstuhl (Germany)
Ft Belvoir (Virginia)
Ft Detrick (Maryland)

IO AOR:Bahrain (Bahrain)
MED AOR:Lago Patria (Italy)

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