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Reaching Out: Cross Cultural Interactions

Bartolomeu Dias
Tried to find alternate sea routes to Asia, sailed around Cape of Good Hope and entered the Indian Ocean
bubonic plague
Started in China; greatly dropped the population; spread along the trade routes
Christopher Columbus
Discovered the Americas after trying to find an alternate route west to Asia
Desiderius Erasmus
Humanist that produced accurate translations of important Christian writings
Servants who were depended on by the Ming dynasty because they were unable to amass wealth, thus depended on the dynasty to thrive; helped centralization
Filippo Brunelleschi
architect that designed the dome.showed power and wealth.
Technology that was spread by Mongols through warfare with other states; developed by Chinese
Founder of the Ming dynasty; values old Chinese traditions, scorned the Mongols, set up tightly centralized government
Ibn Battuta
Muslim traveler of most of the dar Al-Islam and helped set up and enforce Islamic law/rule/doctrines to newly Islamic states
Isabel of Castile and Fernando of Aragon
"Catholic Kings," together united the Iberian peninsula and amassed much power; emphasized Christianity
Khubilai Khan
Mongol khan of the Yuan dynasty in China; overthrown by gross inflation b/c of paper money and peasant rebellions and factions within government. Marco Polo visited and treated well by him.
Leonardo da Vinci
Italian painter that explored three dimensional art.
special class of officials that ensured local compliance with imperial policies sent out by the central government.
Marco Polo
traveled and traded throughout Mongol lands, wrote influential book that influenced Europeans to participate in the trade networks
Major trading city that was successful because it had a strategic position, maintained good order, and resisted temptation to have excessive customs fees; principal clearinghouse of trade in eastern Indian Ocean
Michelangelo Buonarotti
Sculptor that reflected actual workings of human muscles
Ming dynasty
came after Yuan, set up by Hongwu, left lasting mark of centralization through Qing
"Father of Humanism." studied classical Greek and Latin. introduced emotion in "Sonnets to Laura;" Italian
Prince Henry the Navigator
demonstrated mixed motives for explorations; double blow against Islam and allowing Christian vessels to travel freely; Portugese
The Reconquering of Spain from the Muslims in 1492 by Ferdinand and Isabella. This unified Spain into a powerful nation-state.
"rebirth," period of time from the 14th to the 16th centuries that marked a cultural flowering in Europe.
Spread Islamic values through missionary activities; more flexible towards Islam thus spread Islamic values without resistence
Cultivated by Muslims, spread to Italians, created new product, boosted economic growth; SUGAR!
Vasco da Gama
Found way to India from sailing around the Cape of Good Hope.
Compiled an encyclopedia that included all significant works of Chinese history, philosophy, and literature; showed Ming support of native Chinese cultural traditions.
Zheng He
Chinese eunuch who went on 7 diplomatic missions in and around the Indian Ocean Basin; voyages stopped by government, records destroyed.