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Chapter 7 - American Revolution

1) Great Leader
2) Home Court Advantage (knew the land/terrain)
Name two advantages the American Patriot troops had over the British troops
1) More troops
2) More supplies (uniforms, weapons, food, etc)
3) Better training
Name three advantages the British troops had over the British troops
independence would lead to the end of slavery.
Many African Americans wanted to join the American (Continental) Army hoping that:
American soldiers could beat the British and their allies
American victories at Trenton and Princeton proved to the world that
Fighting a defensive war to tire the British
After 1776, the general of the American Patriot troops changed his strategy to
The French
After the Battle of Saratoga the American Patriots brought in who to be their ally?
1) British recognized the US as an independent nation 2) The British had to give up on any land claims east of the Mississippi River
3) Americans had to return any property to the Loyalists that was taken during the war.
The Treaty of Paris did what three things?
George Washington
Who was the leader of the Continental Army?