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fast facts

who is the author of Animal Farm

George Orwell

The story is an allegory of what actual historical event

theRussian Revolution of 1917

Who was the fatherly, elderly, character who gave advice at the beginning of the novel

Old Major

Which character could be described as being cynical and intellectual?


What was the name of the song that Old Major remembered in his dream?

"Beasts of England"

Which Animal was most admired by the other animals?


Which two animals were not considered by the other animals to be good workers?

Mollie and the cat

Describe the original Animal Farm flag.

solid green with a hoof and a horn on it

Who declared that the Seven Commandments could be condensed into one,and what did he say it could be condensed to ?

Snowball, and "Four legs good, two legs bad."

What were done with Jessies and Bluebell's puppies?

Napoleon took them to "educate" them

How was word of the Animal Farm revolt sentout to neighboring farms?

by pigeons

Which animal was in charge of defensive operations and what historical figures campaign strategies did he study?

Snowball, Julius Caesar

Who said The only good human is a dead one?


When Napoleon and Snowball disagreed on defense tactics, with whom did the animals agree?

with whoever was speaking at the time

What happened when Snowball began to win over the animals to his point of view?

Napoleon had his nine fierce dogs chase Snowball off the farm

What idol were the animals expected to worship?

Old Major's skull

What was the main problem with building the windmill and how was it solved?

breaking the stones/they ended up dropping them from the top of the quarry

What items did Napoleon suggest trading in order to buy things needed for the windmill? Name two of the three?

hay, wheat and eggs

After the windmill was found in ruins, why was it rebuilt with walls three feet thick?

to make it harder to destroy

What two animals never lose heart in spite of worsening conditions?

Clover and Boxer

What explanation is given for banning "Beasts of England?

With there rebellion completed, it is no longer needed.

How is the Commandment, "No animal shall kill another animal" changed?

the word "without cause" are added

What word does Squealer use to describe the reduced rations being given to the animals


Why was Napoleon elected president

he was the only candidate

where did the pigs get the money for a case whiskey?

From the Knacker

What is a Knacker

a buyer of worn-out domestic animals (or their carcasses) to produce another product, usually fertilizer, pet food, or glue

After years have passed, what is Benjamin's opinion of Animal Farm?

Things were never much different, whether men or animals were in charge

What is the final irony at the end of the book?

When the other animals look at the pigs and the men, they can't tell them apart.

What is the name of a short tale written with animal characters in order to convey a moral?

a fable

What is the name of the working class in Orwells novels?

the proletariat (proles in 1984)

Who was the leader of the animals who was an idealist with the good of all the animals as his aim

Old Major

What was Squealers explanation for the pig's need for milk and apples?

They really dont like them but need them to keep their brain power

After the Rebellion, what do the animals decide to make the farmhouse into?

a museum

The award, "Animal Hero, First Class", was given to what two animals?

Snowball and Boxer

Which Character is lured away from the farm by a human?


Who was the broker hired to arrange trade with humans?


Who was the originator of the windmill plans?


How did the pigs change the 4th commandment, "No animal shall sleep in a bed"

They added "with sheets"

Which animal found it hardest to believe that Snowball had been a traitor at the Battle of the Cowshed?


Old Major tells the other animals that the only creature who consumes without producing is who?


the original rivalry for command of the animals took place between what two animals?

snowball and Napoleon

In the last chapter of the book, the pigs changed the name of their farm to what?

Manor Farm

Karl Marx referred to the property owning class as what?

the bourgeoisie

What is the first slogan that the sheep are taught to chant?

Four legs good, two legs bad

Who is the master of propaganda in the novel


The flag of Animal Farm was green with what two objects on it?

a hoof and a horn

What is the name of the working class?


What is the name of the weekly celebrations that Napoleon initiates to honor the accomplishments of Animal Farm?

Spontaneous Demonstrations

Why is the title of those celebrations ironic?

They are NOT spontaneous. They are scheuled.

What is the hame and species of the animal who composes poems to glorify Napoleon?

Minimum the pig

Who fools Napoleon with forged bank notes?

Mr. Frederick

What is the name of the place that Moses promises will provide riches to all animals

sugarcandy Mountain

The pigs commemorate Boxer's death by doing what?

holding a banquet

For what reason does Napoleon order a number of animals killed?

He says they have collaborated with Snowball

Ironically, the windmill is named in honor of who?


What is the first evidence that Napoleon does not think all animals are equal?

He saves the milk for the pigs

At the end of the novel, what do the sheep keep bleating

Four legs good, two legs bad?

When Moses speaks of Sugarcandy Mountain, of what is Sugarcandy Mountain symbolic?


The Characters in Animal Farm are examples of personification. How?

They are assigned human qualities, yet they are not human.

What are the animals told happens to boxer?

THey are told that the wagon with 'Horse Slaughterer" on the side really belongs to the veterinarian and that Boxer was taken to the hospital, where he died while receiveing excellent care.

Why does Squealer speak of a "readjustment" of rations instead of a "reduction" of rations?

Squealer does not want the animals to hear the negative word, reduction, because they will think there is a food shortage and may question Napoleon's leadership. (propaganda)

Who carries the whip at the beginning and at the end of the novel?

In the begining, Jones and his men carry whips, at the end Napoleon and the pigs carry whips.

What is ironic about the building of the windmill?

The windmill was supposed to make the animals lives easier, but all they get from it is the fatigue from their hard work in building it

What did orwell use as a subtitle for this novel?

A Fairy Story

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