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Why did people create stories about gods, goddesses, and heroes?

to explain natural events

Who was Pandora?

the first woman

What did Pandora do?

She opened the box that released all of the evils into the world with only hope left in the box.

What is the study of myths called?


What separates myths from folk tales and legends?

religious significance

The people considered myths _____________.

sacred and completely true

What did divinities have that humans did not?

supernatural powers

What do the human qualities of divinities reflect?

a society's ideals

What types of myths are there?

creation myths and explanitory myths

What did creation myths explain?

the origin of the world, the creation of human beings, and the birth of gods and goddesses

What did explanitory myths try to explain?

natural processes or events

What are human-like divinities called?

anthropomorphic which means in the shape of man

What are animal-like divinities called?

theriomorphic which means in the shape of an animal

Some mythical mortals have a _______ father and a ________ mother.

divine, mortal

What are the human characters in myths called?


Where did Greeks believe their divinities lived?

Mount Olympus

Who did the souls of the dead live with?


The earliest group of Greek divinities, the _________, was led by ________.

Titans, Cronus

Who was the most powerful group?


What were nymphs that lived in the forest called?


What were nymphs that lived in the sea called?


Who were the Muses?

9 goddesses of arts and sciences

What wre partly mortal, partly divine beings called?


Who was largely or entirely mortal?


When did the first group of heroes come?

before the Trojan war

What did the second group of heroes do?

fought in the Trojan war

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