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  1. tension rises and the skeletal muscle's length changes
  2. tetany
  3. buccinator
  4. gluteus maximus
  5. striated, voluntary
  1. a skeletal muscles
  2. b extends the hip
  3. c isotonic
  4. d allows you to blow up a balloon
  5. e repeated prolonged contraction of muscles, especially of the face and limbs, caused by low blood calcium

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  1. smooth muscles
  2. surrounds the entire muscle
  3. used to wink
  4. shrugs your shoulders
  5. extend the knee

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  1. triceps brachiiextends the elbow


  2. biceps brachiiextends the elbow


  3. contain intercalated disks, striated, voluntarycardiac muscles


  4. endomysiumsurrounds the entire muscle


  5. sacrolemmacell membrane