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  1. myofibril
  2. frontalis
  3. masseter
  4. twitch
  5. carries electrical impulses to the cells interior
  1. a used in chewing your food
  2. b tranverse tubules function
  3. c wrinkles your forehead
  4. d bundles of thick and thin myofilaments, protein filaments consisting primary of the proteins actin and myosin. inside muscle fiber
  5. e a single stimulus-contraction-relaxation sequence in a muscle fiber

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  1. a neurotransmitter, a chemical released by a neuron to communicate with other cells
  2. skeletal muscles
  3. surrounds the entire muscle
  4. the smallest functional unit of the muscle fiber. Organizes myofilaments
  5. shrugs your shoulders

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  1. tetanyrepeated prolonged contraction of muscles, especially of the face and limbs, caused by low blood calcium


  2. nonstriated, involuntaryskeletal muscles


  3. endomysiumsurrounds each skeletal muscle fiber and ties adjacent muscle fibers together


  4. gluteus mediusinjection site


  5. contain intercalated disks, striated, voluntarycardiac muscles