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  1. Apostolic Fathers
  2. Apocryphal New Testament
  3. baptism
  4. Council of Jamnia
  5. Christology
  1. a noncanonical books such as the Gospel of Peter that claim apostolic authorship, but were known in antiquity to be in authentic
  2. b a collection of second-century non canonical writings, such as the letters of Ignatius, that do not claim apostolic authorship but were generally accepted as representing apostolic faith
  3. c the aspect of Christian thought concerned specifically with the revelation of God in Jesus Christ
  4. d the group of rabbinical scholars who settled in the costal town of Jamnia shortly before the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 and helped to standardized the Jewish region
  5. e the act or sacrament of immersion into water by which a person was received into the early Christian church

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  1. the view that Jesus was not divine, but a flesh-and-blood human being who was adopted at baptism to be God's son
  2. the world or universe, a Greek term frequently used in ancient philosophical discussion; in the New Testament it often takes a negative sense
  3. a pre-Christian, Jewish pseudepigraphical writing that presents a legend account of the translation of the Hebrew Bible in to Greek in Alexandria, Egypt
  4. literally, unwritten words or sayings, term refers to words and sayings of Jesus not contained in the canonical Gospels
  5. the fourteen books of the Septuagint not found in the Old Testament; usually it is a part of the Catholic Bible but not the Protestant Bible

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  1. AramaicSemitic language of Palestine during the time of Jesus


  2. crucifixiona Roman form of execution in which the victim was nailed or bound to a wooden cross and left to die


  3. charisma"gift of grace" the term came to be used in the early church for the various gifts of the Spirit, such as wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, and speaking in tongues


  4. ascensiontraditionally the visible departure of Jesus into heaven forty days after His resurrection


  5. B.C.the abbreviation of "before Christ"