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definition of geography

study of the distribution and interaction of physical and human features on earth

Five themes of geography

1. Location
3.Human-Environmenatl Interactions


maker of maps

Geographic Information Systems

can be used for development cartography statistical analysis marketing archaeology, etc.

Mercator Map Projection

Robinson's projection

continental drift theory

The theory that there was at one point a Pangea

tectonic plates

7 or 8 plates beneath the earth's surface that move constantly
volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.

Hydrologic Cycle

Evaporation condensation precipitation run-off

greenhouse effect

Chemicals get caught in the ozone which traps UV rays between the atmosphere and the earth's surface, and eventually heats the earth up


connects two larger bodies of water, between two large land bodies


small strip of land connecting two larger bodies of land


land almost completely surrounded by water except for a peninsula connecting it to the mainland


huge wave caused by an earthquake

Ring of fire

highly volcanic islands surrounding the pacific tectonic plate

summer and winter solstice

june 21st or 22nd and december 21st or 22nd

Spring and fall equinox

march 21st or 22nd and september 21st or 22nd

Imaginary lines of latitude

Arctic circle 66 degrees
Tropic of Cancer 23.5 degrees
Tropic of Capricorn 23.5 degrees
Antarctic circle 66 degrees

four factors affecting climate

location on land mass
ocean, wind currents

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