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(The triangles on the top and bottom line show that they are parallel. Therefore the angle shown as 80° and angle x must be the same since they are alternate interior angles.)

What is the value of x?

(The key is that the angles of a triangle total 180°. Use it twice, with a little supplementary angle in between.)

What is the value of x?

Supplementary (or linear pair)

Two angles that add to 180 are called what?

(The given line has a slope of 4 and a y-intercept of -7. Since parallel lines have the same slope, the new line also has a slope of 4.)

What would the slope of a line parallel to y = 4x - 7 be?

18/5 (or 3.6, the same answer as a decimal)
(If you know what perimeter and regular mean, this one comes together I think.)

If a regular pentagon has a perimeter of 18, what is the length of a side?

(if I had said the line which went through there, it would be the bisector)

The location at which a line segment is divided into two congruent segment is called what?

(Did you get scared by the s and t? Don't be, it's not involved in BD at all, extra information . What equation tells you the length between 2 points?)

The vertices of a rectange are A(-1,0), B(2,0), C(s,t)), and D(-1,4). How long is diagonal BD?


On your tv screen, if you drew a line from the top left hand corner to the bottom right hand corner, you would be drawing a what on the tv?

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