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Arteries, Veins & Nerves

What are the vas vasorum?
Latin for vessels of vessels
- found in large arteriex/veins (i.e. aorta)
- networks of small blod vessels that supply large blood vessels
Describe the physical appearance of arteries.
- have lumen
- thicker than veins
- will stand open when cut
- more elastic than veins
- deep/well protected
- creamy white/yellowish white in color
- appear thicker on edges than in center
Describe the physical appearance of veins.
- collapse when cut
- much less eleastic than arteries
- structurally thinner than arteries
- deep & more protected below waist
- blue in collor as affected by color of blood within
- more superficial & less protected above waist
Define the structure of arteries.
- very elastic
- don't have valves
- 3 thick layers
- have a hollow feeling
- vasa vasorum usually visible
are indistinct
- lumen is smaller than vein
Define the structure of veins.
- 3 think layers
- vasa vasorum are indistinct
- valvest prevent backward circulation
- relatively large lumens comparted to arteries
What are the 3 layers of an artery?
1. Outer tunic of artery - Tunica Adventitia/tunica externa
2. Middle tunic of artery - tunica media
3. Inner tunic of artery - tunic Intima
Describe the appearance/structure of nerves.
- no lumen
- show no vasa vasorum
- very little elasticity
- hard "loose" center
- distinctly show nerve fibers
- solid center when cut
- generally glistening white in color
What instruments might be required to make an incision into an artery or vein?
- scalpel
- ligature
- vein scissors
- vein expander
- aneurism hook
- bone separator
- grooved director
What is the procedure for making an incision into an artery or vein?
- use scissors/scalpel
- transverse incision is most commonly used
- care should be taken not to cut thru vessel
- longitudianl incisions don't work for sclerotic vessels
- care should be used when raising sclerotic vessas as they break and tear easily
- incision shouldn't pass more than 1/2 way through the vessel
- elevate the vessels on a boner separator or handle of aneurism hook before making cut
What are the 5 types of incisions used on arteries or veins?
- Transverse (inject up & down)
- Diagonal
- T-shaped (only 1 way)
- Double T incision (inject up or down)
- Wedge
Which incisions are "bi-directional"?
Double T
Wedge (inject up or down)
Which incisions are "unidirectional"?
Both arteries & veins have a
- similar construction
- consist of 3 major layers
Tunica intima is the
inner layer lined with endothelium
Tunica media is the
middle layer & in arteries contains an extra layer of smooth muscle that allows for increasing/decreasing the size of the artery
Outer layer of vessels are called
tunica adventitia