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States' rights and slavery

What did the Confederate Constitution specifically recognize that the US Constitution did not?

A draft

General Robert E. Lee was afraid that the South would not have enough soldiers to fight the war. What did he suggest?


In 1862, the Confederate Congress passed a draft requiring some white men of what ages to serve in the army for 3 years?

Those who owned 20 or more slaves and slaves themselves

Who did not have to serve in the southern draft?

Hire someone else to serve in your place

How could someone get out of serving in the southern draft?


After the battle of Antietam, what was the upper age of the southern draft?


By the end of the Civil War, what was the upper age of the southern draft?


Officially accepting a country as a country

2 representatives from the Confederacy were kidnapped from the Trent when Union ships stopped it in international waters. Britain threatened to go to war with the US if it did not release the two. US did.

What does the English ship, the Trent, have to do with the Civil War?

Pacific Railroad Act

Without southerners in Congress to block it, what act did the Republicans pass that started the building of a railroad from Nebraska to the Pacific?

Homestead Act

Without the southerners there to block it, what Act did the Republicans pass that gave free land to people willing to settle on it?


In what year did Congress pass the first income tax?


In what year did Congress create greenbacks (currency not backed by gold)?


When did the North create a draft?

Pay the government $300 or hire someone else to serve

In what two ways could someone avoid serving in the Northern draft?

Protest over the draft - opposition to fighting to free slaves

Why did riots break out in New York City in July 1863?


The name for the Democrats still in Congress during the Civil War who tried to frighten northerners by saying that if the government followed the Republican policies, then there would be a flood of free blacks coming north taking jobs from whites. The radicals in this group tried to get Union army members to desert.

Because they opposed his war for the Union

Why did Lincoln have the military shut down some newspapers?

Because he was afraid they would vote to secede

Why did Lincoln have some members of the Maryland state legislature arrested?

Because they were pro-Confederacy

Why did Lincoln support a rebellion to overthrow the government of Missouri?

To make sure Kentucky did not rebel

Why did Lincoln use martial law, the only US president to ever do so?

martial law

Emergency rule by the military

habeaus corpus

The right to have the government prove there is a legal reason for them to be holding you a prisoner

Abraham Lincoln and George W. Bush

What two presidents in US history have suspended habeaus corpus?

Radical Republicans

A group in the Republican Party who believed the South should be punished for the Civil War.

No. Only those who were in states still in rebellion against the US.

Did the Emancipation Proclamation free all slaves?

Convinced England not to help the Confederacy

What effect did the Emancipation Proclamation have on foreign relations?


Possessions owned by one side in a war

The South insists slaves are property. Property owned by one side in a war is contraband, able to be seized by the other side. North seizes slaves, the North then owns them. Since the North does not believe in slavery, the North then sets them free.

The idea that General Benjamin Butler came up with to get around the Fugitive Slave Act before the Emancipation Proclamation was issued

Buy scarce goods and hold them until the price went even higher, then sell them

What did profiteers do in the South?

Made bad products with inferior ingredients for the army so they could make more money.

What did some dishonest manufacturers in the North do?

They both put profit ahead of patriotism

What did the profiteers in the South and the dishonest manufacturers in the North have in common?

Packaged pork to feed Union soldiers

What product did Philip Armour get wealthy producing?

Guns for the Union army

What product did Samuel Colt get wealthy producing?

Because they could pay women less than men

Why did business owners like it when women took the place of men in the factories so the men could go fight?

Andersonville Prison

Southern prison which treated Union soldiers so harshly that an average of 100 died each day. The commander of this camp was the only Confederate tried and executed for war crimes after the South lost.

Three times more likely

How much more likely was it for a Union soldier to die in camp or in a hospital rather than on a battle field?

Clara Barton

A government clerk who quit her job to be able to provide supplies and first aid to Union troops in camp and on the battlefield. She was nicknamed "the angel of the battlefield".

Clara Barton

Who started the American Red Cross after the Civil War?

Twice as many died from disease as from gunfire

Compare the number of soldiers (both North and South) who died from disease as opposed to those who died from gunfire.

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