20 terms

Chapter 17, 18, & 19 People

cornelius vanderbilt
financer, shipping business
jay gould
financer, control of erie canal, caused financial panic when attempt to corner gold market
j. pierpont morgan
first billion dollar corporation
william vanderbilt
inherited railroad empire and doubled it
andrew carnegie
endowed education, public libraries, research trusts
john d. rockefeller
standard oil company
adam smith
wealth of nation, lassiez faire
herbert spencer
applied theory of natural selection to people
russel conwell
acres of diamonds
samuel f. b. morse
alexander graham bell
thomas a. edison
lightbult, phonograph, and others
george westinghouse
inventor and manufacturer
horatio alger
author of adventure stories
david ricardo
argues that laws of supple and demand should operate in a free market; iron law of wages
terrence powderly
leader of knights labor
samuel gompers
american federation of labor
frederick law olmstead
designed first suburb
henry george
progress and poverty
edward bellamy
looking backward