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1.TALK ABOUT A BOOK YOU HAVE READ THAT WAS important to you for some reason.explain why the book was important to you.givespecific details and examples to explain your answer.
sample 1:
The book that was important to me was an instruction manual on how to pronounce English.
When I was a middle school student, I did not speak English very well. I always confused the Chinese pronunciation with the English pronunciation, and I was frustrated with that. So I used this book to practice a lot. And there was also a video with this book, so I watched the video, I practiced and imitated the pronunciation.
Now I have improved my English and also gained some confidence because of the book.
sample 2:
Recently, I read a book named Keep the aspidistra flying written by George Orwell. The book influences me a lot because the story has something that touches my heart. The story talks about a man who wants to be a poet and who abandons many well-paying jobs to pursue his dream of being a poet. I have a similar experience of quitting a very good job in order to be a writer. Also, the man in the story is lack of money because he works as a bookstore assistant and thus has a very low salary. He lives in a shabby apartment and sometimes have no money to buy food. Again, I've got similar experience. I once lived in a cramped apartment alone and had no money. The book is important to me because it touches me and gives me encouragement to persist.
sample 1:
I think the TV has a negative effect on the society. The reasons are as follows:
First of all, there is an increase of violence on television and it would do harm to the children. In fact the children are too young towatch these programs.
In addition, spending too much time on TV is not good for people's health because they just sit there and hardly move.The most important thing is that a lot of people nowadays rely on the programs on TV to avoid the reality. Gradually, they become isolated from the society.
sample 2:
I think television has a positive influence on society. It's a good source of news. The members in the society can get news easily from News Channels and thus keep themselves informed of what's happening around. Like, my grandfather watches News on TV everyday just to keep up with the latest events. Besides, television can be a kind of entertainment. People can watch different shows on TV such as funny talk shows and soap operas. I have many friends who like watching Late show with David Letterman and some other friends like watching TV series such as Lost and Friends. They all consider TV as a good way of relaxing themselves and of killing time. So, with the news and same TV programs, people in a society share a lot of things that they can talk about in any event. Therefore, society actually benefits from TV.
3.what do you miss most about your home when you are away? use specific details in your explaination.
I miss food most when I am away from my home, particularly the noodles cooked by my father. When I was in high school, my father always cooked noodles for me at night. Every day after evening self-study classes, I came home and had the noodles. The noodles were delicious, coz you know, after long-time study, it's easy to be tired and hungry. So the first thing I did when I got home at that time was to eat noodles. Sometimes, my father would add beef to the noodles and beef is kind of my favorite meat. The most important ingredient of the noodles is the specially-made sauce. Sadly, I don't know how exactly my father makes the sauce. But whenever I go back home, I need to have the noodles cooked by my father.
addition things:
Situational awareness together, our soul and energy become united and then we can figure everything out in good situations and disappointing situations.
4.many university now offer academic courses over the internet .however ,some people still prefer learning in traditional classrooms .which do you think is better?explain why?
I prefer to take academic courses on the Internet. Since the courses are offered online, I don't have to live near campus. All I need is a computer and a well-connected Internet. I can study at home and anywhere convenient. Besides, I don't have to worry about my housing, nor do I need to drive back and forth. So it saves me money and time. Also, it's easier to record online courses so I can review the part I don't understand. With the recorded courses, I can have a good review before final examination.
5.talk about a place you enjoyed going to or visiting when you were a child.describe the place.explain why you enjoyed it.
When I was a child, I enjoyed going to an Internet Bar. It is still open now. It's only 5-minute's walk away from my home and sits beside the street. The internet bar is not very big. It only has two rooms and each is full of computers. In summer vacations, My friends and I usually went there early in the morning playing many computer games such as Age of Empire, Star War and Counter Strike. The owner of the bar is a very kind person. He opened the door very early in the morning just for us. My friends and I occupied a room, sit side by side and yelled to each other when we were playing games. It was a lot of fun.
6.do you agree or disagree with the following statement ?why or why not?use details and exaples to explain your answer .it is more important to study math or sience than it is to study art or literature.
I strongly disagree with the statement that studying math or science is more important than studying art or literature. Of course, math and science are very important. But it is meaningless to say that they are more important than art or literature. We admire Newton for his scientific achievements such as Newton's first law. We equally admire Leonardo for his art accomplishments such as Mona Lisa. These two people are not comparable because they are in two different fields. So some people may like studying science. Some may like studying literature. They all make contributions to the human civilizations. So math or science and art or literature, they are equally important.
7.talk about a photogragh or painting you have seen that was memorable.explain what you liked or disliked about it.
sample 1:when i was about fourteen years old i draw a fantastic painting ,it is memorable for me ,first because as my number one hobby painting text me to different eras atmosphore and feelings and it can be observed and dijestied by many angels,second,i can express my feeling through painting and by the painting styles like realism and impresionism and express issues such as customs ,fear,love,treachery,politics(racial prejudge), ignorance,and they need no passport why being painter .the human condition and as well as exsurronding can be capture in the memory thanks to art painting and photograghing.

I can't forget the photograph hung on the wall of my grandparents' apartment. It's our big family photo. It was taken in one Spring Festival when all relatives gathered together. It's very hard to unite all the family members since my aunts and uncles all live in another city. Usually, some uncles or aunts wouldn't come back home to spend spring festival. But at that time, they all came back. In the photo I can see myself standing at the third row with my parents beside me and all my aunts, uncles and cousins standing in rows. In the front row sit my grandparents. They were very happy. We all got our huge smiles on our faces. It was an unforgettable moment and the photograph captured it.
8.some people have one career throughout their lives.other people do different kinds of work at different points in their lives.which do you think is better?explain why?
I think having only one career throughout life is better. Everyone can make accomplishments if he or she focuses on one thing for a long time. It's the cumulative knowledge that helps a person become excellent in a specific area. If people always change jobs or careers, they can't accumulate their knowledge. In other words, they can't be experts or specialists. Some of them may even be lost in society and don't know what they are good at. I have a friend who always changed his jobs. He never worked in a company for longer than a year. He was a salesman, a teacher and an assistant. He still doesn't what to do now and is considering to change his job.
9.if friends from another country were going to spend time in your country .what city or place would you suggest they visit?using details and examples,explain why?
I would suggest them to visit Chongqing. I lived there for five years so I am familiar with it. Firstly, Chongqing has a unique scenery. It's a mountainous city. Because of this special terrain, the buildings and Pedestrian Malls are built in a different way from other cities. For example, the fourth floor of one building may be the ground level of another one. Secondly, Chongqing has many kinds of delicious food. Hot pot is like world-famous. Everyone in China knows it originate from Chongqing. Besides, there are some other famous food such as Kung Pao Chicken and double-cooked pork slices. Anyway, if one goes to Chongqing, one will feel that every meal is a feast.
10.state whether you agree or disagree with the following statement .then explain your reason,using specific details in your explaination .learning through online courses is more effective than learning in the traditional classroom setting.
I think learning in traditional classrooms is better. The reason why I think so is that there are more interactions in traditional classrooms than in online courses. Students can have discussions and they see each other face to face. It's highly probable that some of them will become friends. While in the online courses, students don't know each other, they miss a chance of making friends. Also, in a traditional classroom, if a student doesn't understand a concept or an idea, he or she can raise hand to ask the teacher directly. While in an online course, there is no chance for students to raise hands or to throw out questions immediately. Students in traditional classrooms not only learn the academic knowledge but also learn basic interpersonal interactions.
11.talk about a time when a friend or family member helped you in the past .describe how the person helped you.then explain why this was important to you.
When I was in the third summer vacation in the college, I found a job in downtown. I lived on campus at that time but the campus is very far away from downtown so I got to find a place to live nearby. There was one friend who studied in another college located near downtown. He called me to live with him in his dorm since all his roommates were gone. He introduced me to his campus and told me where to eat, where to buy necessities and where to work out. I didn't have to pay anything for this housing service. Also, living in his dorm saved me a lot of time. I shorten the travel time from 2 hours to 20 minutes.
12.some people enjoy taking risks and trying new thing ,others are not adventurous. they are cautious and prefer to avoid danger.which behavior do you think is better?explain why?
I prefer to take risks and try new things. I think taking risks is a way to improve oneself, a way to broaden one's horizon. For example, if Columbia hadn't taken risks, he wouldn't have found the New World. If he hadn't found the New World, his horizon wouldn't have been broaden so wouldn't other people's horizon at that time. Also, trying new things is one of the best ways to learn. Take myself as an example, I didn't like reading novels until my junior year in the college so novel was a kind of new thing to me at that time. But I tried to read some novels in my junior year, and gradually I became interested in reading novels. Later on, I even started to write my own novels. If I hadn't tried to read novels, I wouldn't have known how to write my own novels.
talk about an important experience that you recentlry had.describe what happened and explain why it was important to you.
I recently attended a prayer meeting of BAHAI. The host is a couple. They hold the meeting at their apartment every week. We prayed in the living room together and recited the scripture. Also, we all talked about our happy events and unhappy events happened recently and exchanged our ideas about everyone's events. It was important to me because it's the first time I attended a small prayer meeting like that and we talked without concealment. It's like a whole new experience to me. In addition, I made some friends there.
some people think that family membeers are the most important influence on young adult.others believe that friend are the most important influence .which do you agree with?expkain why?
I believe family members are the most important influence on young adults. Young adults need directions when they are growing up. Even though they spend most of the time with friends, they get instructions from family members, especially parents. Take myself as an example, when I was the college, my father always told me the importance of "How to study by oneself." He called me every week and gave me instructions. On the other hand, even though I spent much time with my friends playing video games or basketball, I didn't feel that I was influenced by them. All they talked about was how to play and how to get laid and I didn't like that.
13.talk about A time when you accomplished something you did not think you could do.what did you accomplish? why did you think you could not do it?
When I was a sophomore, I took IELTS. I got 8.5 in Listening section which is almost the full mark,9. Originally, I didn't think I could get above 7 because I couldn't really follow the speakers' speed and my vocabulary wasn't big. So I wasn't confident. But I knew that my weak point was in listening section, so I listened to the IELTS recordings whenever I had time. When I was walking along the street, I listened to the recordings. When I was relaxing, I listened to the recordings. When I was taking a nap, I listened to the recordings. Besides, I bought a book to enlarge my vocabulary. I think it were these efforts I paid that helped me get 8.5.
14.do you agree or disagree whith the following statement ?use details and examples to explain your answer .all children should be required to learn a second language in school.
I don't think all children should be required to learn a second language in school. Some children don't even like to learn language. They are more interested in playing basketball, football and other sports. Even if they are required to learn a second language, they won't treat it seriously. I had many friends in junior high who didn't learn language at all. But they could play basketball very well and maybe some of them can become professional players. There is no need to learn a second language to achieve their goal. Also, many of the children won't have chance to use the second language they learned at school, because when they grow up their job doesn't need any foreign language skills. For example, many of my high school classmates now work as clerks in banks and they don't need to use foreign language in their work. Still, they can do just fine.
15.talk about an interesting book you have read .explain why you thought the book was interesting .give specific details and examples to explain your answer.
3 months ago, I read a book called The Five People You Meet in Heaven written by Mitch Albom. It recounts the life and death of a simple yet dignified old man, Eddie. After dying in a accident trying to save a little girl in an amusement park, Eddie finds himself in heaven where he encounters five people who have significantly affected his life. The 5 lessons Eddie learnt about brotherhood, sacrifice, forgiveness, love and purpose of life have also enlightened me. That book changed my attitude towards life and death. It taught me to cherish life more than ever.
16. some people think that children should be allowed to watch whatever television programs they choose to .others think that parents should exercise control over the television programs their children watch.which do you agree with? explain why?
I think parents should exercise control over the television programs their children watch. It's a way of protection, since many shows are full of violent or horrifying scenes. But children are not mature enough to bear those scenes so they may feel terrified. Take myself as an example, When I was 7-year-old, I was watching TV alone at home. I accidentally ran into a horror movie and was frightened by the horrible zombies in the movie. They eat human beings and tear bodies into pieces. I was shocked by the bloody scenes. From then on, I started to be afraid of darkness. Every time I walked along the street in the evening, I would feel a zombie following me. I didn't get rid of the bad influence from that movie until high school.
17.what is the most efficient type of transportation in your country?
Explain why you think it is efficient .include specific reasons or examples.
I think airplane is the most efficient type of transportation in my country because it's fast and comfortable. It only takes me three hours to fly from Beijing to Chongqing. This saves me a lot of time. I can go to Chongqing in the morning and come back to Beijing in the evening. However, if I take train or bus, it'll take me at least 20 hours. So it's very fast to take planes. Also, every time I am on the plane, the flight attendant serves me delicious food and drink, all free of charge. But in a train, the attendants aren't very hospitable and you have to pay for all the food and beverage even though they aren't of high quality. So that's why I think taking plane is comfortable.
18.some people believe it's essential for a person's education to learn to play a musical instrument.others don't believe music education is important.which view do you agree with?explain why?
I think it's essential for a person's education to learn to play a musical instrument. There are two reasons why I say so. First, learning to play a musical instrument can give a person a way to express emotion. For example, I have a sister who can play the piano. Every time she was happy or depressed, she'd play the piano. Second, learning to play a musical instrument makes a person artsy or develop a person's artistic talent. Artistic people are more sensitive than normal ones. They can feel something that others can't feel. They can sense the emotions from what normal people think is a normal scene. For example, Beethoven can compose his Moonlight at night. But I don't think anybody can make a moonlight at night.
19.talk about a game .sport or other group activity that is played in your country .explain why you think the activity is enjoyable.
Basketball is one group activity that is played in my country. It's enjoyable because people can relax and get exercise from playing basketball. Almost every community in my country has a basketball court and every afternoon adults after work and children after school come to play together. Adults play to relax and to get rid of the tiring work in the morning, while some kids come to play for fun and exercise. Some kids enjoy throwing balls into the basket. Some enjoy running around, dribbling and chasing the one with the ball.
20.when looking for information for a research project,some students prefer to get their information mainly from the internet .others prefer to mainly use printed material such as books and academic journals.which do you prefer ,and why?
I'll choose printed materials rather than Internet. Even though Internet has a lot of information, I can't find any useful information. For example, when I was doing a research project about Asian History. There wasn't much related information available online. All the results from search engines or databases only gave me some introductions of Asian History. But I need to do deep research. So I stopped using Internet and went to library to find some old printed materials. Guess what? I got many relevant books and journals. These printed materials are old, so they don't have e-versions online. But they are precious, at least for my research project.
21.people enjoy reading many different types of books such as mystery ,biology ,romance ,etc .of all the different types of books that there are,what type do you most enjoy? explain why?
I enjoy biography most, because reading biography tells me a life story of a great person. I get to know the great person's ups and downs during his or her life and how he or she managed to get through all the difficulties. For example, the biography of Steve Jobs recounts how he was kicked out of Apple. But he continued his career in Computer Science and founded Pixar which created the world-famous film, Toy. Besides, he was invited back to Apple and saved Apple by introducing Ipod. I specially enjoy this part of his life, his great second-coming. I gain inspiration from his experience and from many other biographies and that's why I enjoy reading biography most.
22.do you agree or disagree with the following statement?one of the best ways to learn is by making mistakes .use specific example and details to support your opinion.
I totally agree with this statement that making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn. Through mistakes, we can learn what we don't understand. After understanding the things we don't know previously, we improve. Like in high school I had difficulty solving math problems. But I always remembered the problems I couldn't solve. After asking teachers and discussing with classmates, I could work out these problems easily. Then I improved. Also, sometimes making a mistake is like learning a lesson. When I first went to a western restaurant, I directly went in to find empty seats. Fortunately, my American friend pulled me back and told me that I should wait until a waiter comes by and takes me to the seats. I make a mistake but I gained knowledge.
23.people make friends in many different ways.what do you think is agood way to make new friend ?use specific details and examples in your response.
I think attending group activity is a good way to make new friends. In a group activity, people usually have same interests and they perform some tasks together, so there's a chance that some of the group members need to cooperate. Through cooperation, people start to know each other and then make friends. For example, I always play basketball with strangers. At the beginning, I don't even know my teammates' names. But after a few hours' cooperation, we become friends and start to talk about each other. Sometimes, we even go to have a meal after playing. And actually, this is how I make friends.
24.do you agree or disagree with the following statement ?it is important to remember and learn from the past.use details and examples to explain your opinion.
I totally agree with this statement that it's important to remember and learn from the past. We all make mistakes and we all have to remember mistakes. Because mistakes tell us what isn't right. For example, when I was in the first grade primary school, I took a toy car from another student without informing him. I was too young to know that taking things from others without mentioning isn't right. Then my teacher helped the other student find this toy car and labeled me as a thieve. I didn't realize how serious this matter was until my father told me that this was humiliating. I swore to myself that I would never take anything from others without informing the owners. I think this is a valuable lesson and I'll remember it forever.
25.if you have any job or career you wanted,which would you choose and why?give specific details to explain your response.
If I could have any job I wanted, I would choose to be a writer. There are a couple of reasons why I want to be writer. Firstly, being a writer doesn't need to go to office or a place full of many other people. Writers usually stay at a quiet place and write articles or books. I enjoy being alone, thinking alone and writing things alone. Every time I am alone, I write stories. Secondly, I love the art of telling stories. Writing stories not only pleases myself but may entertain other people, the readers, as well. I especially like the scene in which people laugh and think when they are reading my stories.
26.some people who unexpectedly receive a large amount of money spend it on practical thing,while others spend it for pleasure only.which do you think is better and why?
I think spending it on practical things is better. Spending large amount of money for pleasure only is not a wise way to handle money. It'll only make people want to spend more because human desire is insatiable. If you buy a big house, there will be a bigger house. If you buy a large company, there will be a larger company. So wiser people should spend the money on practical things such as setting up a fund for charity, helping those who are in urgent need of food and sanitation, building schools for kids who live in the rural areas and so on. Even opening a bookstore is better than just spending the money only for pleasure.
talk about a special opportunity that was given to you.explain why the opportunity was important.
I was given an opportunity to study in the US one summer. This opportunity is very important to me for several reasons. Firstly, it was the first time I went abroad. I had imagined going abroad ever since I was a little kid. I never got a chance until that day I received a call from an administrator in my college telling me that I was granted the opportunity to study abroad for the summer vacation. Secondly, I learned and experienced a lot from this opportunity. In this exchange program, I was assigned a partner who was also a college student in the US. He introduced me to his family, took me out to valley faire and instructed me how to use Linux in the computer lab.
state whether you Agree or disagree
student should not be allowed to bring cell phone into the classroom?
I totally don't agree with this statement that students shouldn't be allowed to bring cell phones into the classroom. One important purpose of cell-phone is that we can reach anyone at any time anywhere. If students' parents need to inform them of some important things and students don't have mobile phones with them, parents will have to come to the classroom or call others to reach the kids. This sounds pretty inconvenient in a modern age. On the other hand, simply bringing cell-phones into classroom won't disturb other students or interrupt the class. Students just need to turn their sound off and make the signal to vibration. And if they receive some urgent phone-calls, they can go out to reply.
27.imagine your life ten years in the future ,talk about one way you think your life will be different in ten years than it is now?use details to explain your answer.
I imagine my life ten years in the future to be free. My life will be different in one way from now that I don't have to be tied to a job. I can travel around the world, go anywhere, see different things, meet different people, broaden my horizon and thus feel the world. I don't have to confine myself to just one place. I can go to France, South Africa, South America and Islands in the Pacific. In addition, I can be a freelancer, live on my royalties. I will have plenty of time to write novels and read all the masterpieces. This is what I imagine my life will be in ten years.
28.do you agree or disagree with the following statement ?it is important to learn about other cultures.use details and examples to explain your opinion.
I totally agree with this statement because we can learn different perspectives from other cultures. It's important to know different perspectives to be reflective. For example, I went to the US in my sophomore year and found out that many students in the US don't use their parents' money. They usually work in the summer to earn tuition fees and living expenses. However, most of my classmates including me use parents' money without even thinking about it. We believe that it's our parents' obligation to pay for the college and give us allowances. I reflected on this issue and thought I should take on the responsibilities myself. Then I took a government loan to pay for the tuition fees and also got some part-time jobs. Therefore, I changed my perspective because I learned a new one from another culture.
29.talk about a skill or ability that you consider especially important for a student to have.use details and examples to explain your answer.
The ability to find answers one one's own is important for students to have. As we all know, there are many problems we can't solve by simply asking others, classmates, friends or even teachers. And sometimes we meet a problem but there is no one around to offer help. So we have to find the answers by ourselves. We can use Search Engines such as google to see if any similar questions have been asked. We can also use Internet database such as Wikipedia to see if there is any relevant items that can provide useful information to answer our questions or to help solve problems. In a word, the ability to find answers by oneself is very important.
30.more and more people are buying items on the interenet and from magazines or catalogs.other people prefer shopping in a store.which do you prefer and why?
I prefer to buy things on the Internet rather than do shopping in a store. Firstly, it's very easy to find things on Internet. You just have to input the key words into search engine on a web store, the results will be listed on the screen immediately. Then you pick the one you need and use credit card to pay the item. After a few days or so, the item will be delivered directly to your house or apartment. Secondly, Internet has more items than does store. Many times I walk in a bookstore and walk out without the book I want. But I never meet the problem buying books online. I can either buy books from Web bookstores such as Amazon or buy second-handed books from individuals. So, these are the reasons why I choose to buy items on the Internet.
31.choose a quality you think makes someone a valuable member of a team .explain why you think It is an imporatant quality for team or group member to have.
I think a valuable member of a team should be cooperative. If a member is cooperative, he or she will take the goal of the team as main goal not that of his or her own as the main goal. So he or she is willing to help other team members, to talk with others, to solve problems with others. Once I attended a computer program group. At that time we had four members and only one day left before we had to submit the program. So we all decided to gather together and stay overnight, writing the program, sharing ideas, discussing and solving problems. That was the time I felt we were like a team.
32.some people perefer to learn about current eventsfrom watching television news programs.others prefer to read about current events in newspapers or on the internet,which do you think is better :wathching the news or reading the news?expalin why?
I prefer watching the news to reading the new because watching the news can provide me with more details about what had happened. Usually in the video, I can see the scene, see the people and even hear their words. It seems as if I am in the scene. Besides, watching the news can get more objective information. Since the news articles in the newspaper should be edited or censored, some important information may be omitted. However, videos news bring me to the scene and make me one of the witnesses. Even though, some might say videos can be clipped, I believe at the same censoring level, video is more objective than words.
33.talk about an important news event that happened recently in your country .describe the event and explain why it was important.
Recently, there was a news about a little girl run over by a van and within 7 minutes,18 people walked by without giving a hand. Finally she was saved by a scavenger. The news is very important because it shows that our society is apathetic. People aren't willing to help others and they fear to help others. This is pathetic. This news sparked an awful lot of discussions on the Internet and increased the public awareness of an issue that we are gradually losing our virtue. Our virtue has been sapped by our apathy. What should we do to save the society and save ourselves?
34. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement ,your friends are the most important influence in your life.use details and examples to explain your opinion.
I agree with the statement friends are the most important influence in my life. Firstly, I learned how to be sociable from friends. When I first entered a company, I was a loner. I didn't understand the basic social rules. One of my friends, Lillian, gave me a lot of advice about how to behave in front of the boss and what to say in front of colleagues. Secondly, friends are my good-listeners. Many times I felt helpless and painful because of some frustrations, I went to my friends. They would sit in front of me, listening to my complaints or swear words and then comforted me. These are the things that neither my parents or other relatives can give me.
35. talk about one way your personality has changed since you were a child .use examples and details to explain your answer.
On way my personality has changed since I was a child is that I became honest. When I was a little kid, I always lied to my parents because I didn鈥檛 want them to know that I stole money from them, didn鈥檛 do homework well and played video games outside. Once I stole five yuan from my mom and used the money to play video games. Also, I was late for school. On that day, I lied to my teacher and my parents. Even if I wasn鈥檛 caught by anyone, I still felt guilty of lying. I found that one lie makes many and that once people realized that I had lied to them, they started not to believe me. I felt sad about myself at that time. Gradually, I started to hold the belief that honesty is the best policy.
36.do you agree or disagree with following statement ,children should be required to learn practical skills in school, such as cooking or personal finance ,in addition to academic subjects.
I totally agree with the statement. School isn鈥檛 just a place for kids to learn math, physics or chemistry. Children need to learn some practical and useful skills. Like, if children can learn cooking at school, they not only learn the basic survival skill but also a skill that can help them become more sociable. In a party, children can cook for friends. At home, children can cook for parents and relatives. Also, if children can learn personal finance at school, they鈥檒l learn how to budget their allowance and develop a good habit of spending money. Therefore, I think children should be required to learn practical skills.
37.there can be several advantages to spending time living in another country.talk about one advantage and explain how living in another country provides that advantage.use details and examples in your response.
One of the advantages to spending time living in another country is to learn a new perspective. Different country has different cultures. Different culture views things differently. For example, I once lived in United State. Almost all I experienced there are different from my experience in my home country. College students in the US earn living expenses and tuition fees by themselves while those in my country rely on their parents. Their way of living is also different from ours. They usually live off-campus and drive to school. We live on campus and walk to classroom. They don鈥檛 always eat in cafeteria because food there is a little experience, while we always eat in cafeteria because food there is the least expensive. So many different things come together to help me form a new perspective toward college life.
38.some people enjoy spending their free time alone in activities such as reading ,or writing .others enjoy spending their free time in shared activities with other people .which do you prefer and why?
One of the advantages to spending time living in another country is to learn a new perspective. Different country has different cultures. Different culture views things differently. For example, I once lived in United State. Almost all I experienced there are different from my experience in my home country. College students in the US earn living expenses and tuition fees by themselves while those in my country rely on their parents. Their way of living is also different from ours. They usually live off-campus and drive to school. We live on campus and walk to classroom. They don鈥檛 always eat in cafeteria because food there is a little experience, while we always eat in cafeteria because food there is the least expensive. So many different things come together to help me form a new perspective toward college life.
39.talk about a popular gathering place in your town where people like to go .describes the place and explain why people enjoy going there.
In my town, the public park is the popular gathering place. There are several reasons why it鈥檚 popular. The first reason is that the park has a very big square where senior citizens go nearly every day to do some physical exercise. I can see them every day after dinner, they dance together energetically. Another reason is that there is a beautiful lake beside the park, and young people, especially those from the university, like to sit on the bank, enjoying the view and having some talk. If the weather is fine, beautiful young girls and handsome boys can be seen sit side by side.
40.do you agree or disagree with the following statement ?students benefits more from classes with a large number of students than they do from smaller classes.use specific examples and details to support your opinion.
I don鈥檛 agree with this statement. I believe students benefit more from small classes than from large classes.. First of all, there are many students in a large class and it鈥檚 usually in a big lecture hall. Teachers or lecturers will always focus on their own topic. There aren鈥檛 as many interactions in it as in a small class. In small classes, students are allowed to make discussions. Also, students can get more attention from teachers and thus have more opportunities to voice themselves. Secondly, in a large class, if there is a point a student doesn鈥檛 understand, he or she might be left behind, while in a small class, teachers give attention to every student, so no one will be left behind.
41.students often want to get better grades in their classes .explain what students should do in order to improve their performance in aclass.
42. some people don not enjoy shopping and shop only when they have a specific purchase to make. others like to go shopping for pleasure whether or not they have something to buy .which do you prefer and why?
43.think of a book that you have not read but are interested in reading.explain why the book was important to you.give specific details and examples to explain your answer.
44.some people like to have their cell or mobile phone with them at all times.other people prefer not to bring their cell or mobile phone with them everywhere they go ,or they choose not to own one at all.which do you prefer?explain why.
45.talk about a popular actor,musician ,or artist whose work you do not admire.explain why you do not like this person's work.use specific details and reasons in your response.
I don't admire Fan Bingbing's work even though she is a super star in China. Never has it occurred to me that she is a talented actress because her acting is too superficial and her movies are rarely classical. In many movies she just shows up and makes some poses, with little acting skills. The other reason I don't admire her is her moral quality. Several years ago she gained her popularity by manufacturing gossips and to win competitions. She attacked the other actress by spreading rumors. All these behaviors are unacceptable to me.
46.do you agree or disagree the following statement ?parent should be in the process of helping their children to choose a university.use specific reasons and details in your response.
I agree that the parents should help their children choose a university. The first reason I'd like to give is that parents own more social experience which enables them to offer valuable suggestions. For example, when a student has no idea how to choose a college, his parents can help him make a realistic decision by analyzing the strength of each college, the possibility of admission and so on. Also since most students attend school sponsored by their families, parents can help children choose a university according to their economical situation. For the wealthy families, children can pursue their study abroad while most average families have to choose universities with low tuition fees.
47.students have to complete various types of academic assignments in school.choose one of the assignment below and explain why you think it is beneficial for students. *reasearch paper.
*Calss presentation
48.which of the following jobs or career do you think would be most reawarding ?
university professor
environmental scientist
newspaper journalist.
49.some people like to study in public places where there are other people around. others prefer to study in places where there are few or no people around .which kind of place do you prefe? explain why.
50.do you agree or disagree with the following statement? to protect the health of young children, advertisements for candy and junk food should not be shown on television .use specific reasons and details in your response
51.a friend of yours is looking for a new place to live and has asked for your advice.what do you think is the most important characteristic of good neighborhood?use details and examples to explain your answer.
52.do you agree or disagree with the following statement ?parents should be involved in the process of helping their children to choose a career.use specific examples and details to support your opinion.
53.parents need to make sure their children lead healthy lives.what can parents do to help their children have healthy lifestyles.
54.some university student choose to take difficult classes in which even if they might not get a good grade in the class. other students prefer to take easier classes in which they know they will get a good grade .which do you prefer?explain why.
55.students often like to study with others in a group.what do you think are the benefits of group study? give at least one benefit.explin your reasons.
Actually, I am a big fan of group study. It greatly facilitates my interpersonal skills by granting more chances to talk with other members. You know, I used to be a very shy and introverted person. However, the group study that I was involved in for different subjects enables me discuss various topics such as ways to solve a particular math problem. In addition, group study enhances my efficiency and offers me broader views. For instance, once I and other members of economics class prepared for a research paper. If I had worked alone, it is very likely that it would have taken me 10 more days to gather related materials and 2 weeks to finish it. Nevertheless, with collective efforts, the whole group spent no more than a week to accomplish the paper.
56. do you agree or disagree with the following statement ?children should receive money for doing household tasks such as cleaning .use specific examples and details to support your opinion.
From my perspective, it's definitely a good idea since it's a good way to get kids motivated. I used to be paid for washing the dishes by my parents. Even though they didn't pay me much, I started looking forward to doing housework. Thus, these "little service tips" really pushed me to get involved in trivial tasks. This also gives kids the chance to manage their own savings. For me, I was excited about the fact that I owned a certain amount of money and learned to save it for different things; whether I would use it to make small purchases or save the money in a bank.
57. A friend of yours wants to go to university next year but cannot decide on a major field of study .what advice would you give your friend to help make this decision?
58. .Do you think that eating healthy food is easier or more difficult today than it was 40or 50years ago? use examples and details to support your answer.
59.your university plans to open a café inside the campuse library.do you think this is a good idea ?explain why or why not.
60.do you agree or disagree with the following statement ?private car should not be allowed in the city centers of large cities.use details and examples to explain your opinion.
61. what characteristics do you think make someone a good parent? explain why these characteristics are important to you.
I think a good parent should be patient. Because children are always confused with the things around them, they ask questions every now and then. A good parent should be patient enough to give them answers. When i was very young, I always asked questions like "Why can airplanes fly?","Why can't we fly?" and "Why the earth is a globe?". My parents answered these questions patiently and if they couldn't, they would buy books that have the answers to my questions. I also think a good parent should be open-minded. In other words, they should respect their children's decisions when their kids are growing up. My parents always show their respect to my decisions. My major in the college is software engineering, but I decided to be an English teacher after graduation. My parents respected my decision and allow me to pursue my own interest. Thanks to my parents, I am patient and I respect other people.
62. some student prefer to work on classs assignments by themselves .other believe it is better to work group .which do u prefer? explain why?
I prefer to work on assignments individually. There are two reasons. The first is that I like to be in a quiet place while studying. If I study in a group, I will always be interrupted by group members who talk about irrelevant things. Then it's possible that I can't even finish the assignments. Once, I attended a group discussion. Many people were not even discussing. They were just talking about NBA games. When it ended, I got nothing from it. The second reason is that I'd like to think independently. Studying individually gives me enough time to develop my own ideas. When studying in a group, I will always be distracted by other's opinions and thoughts. So sometimes many assignments are not done by myself but by other group members. Like last week, I worked in a group to solve math problems. It turned out that many problems were solved by others not by myself. I felt very unhappy about it.
First of all that is an interesting question that most of students prefer work in group may they have sound reasons for their choise.but I prefer to work by myself(on my own).as for me it offers me so much advantages independency, freedom,and more options like sienlence or whatever I want to do like go to parkbank
And ruminate in the sielent place while sitting on the parkbank staring in the river and u can concentrate on one subject and solving about that.i think its Better and effectively for becoming sharp and keen relative to my brains.and you have confidence and do everything by own.
63.what kind of reading material. such as novel ,mahazines, or poetry ,do you most like to read in your free time?explain why you find this kind of readind material interesting.
As for me I prefer to read everyday magazine and newspaper
It makes me up to date whit perform and inform everyday
On the otherhand reading magnize like technology ,finance
In the life time process to start up to new project ,Work on the project invention
Improve my awareness, sways
64.some students would prefer to live with roomates .others would prefer to live alone.which option would you prefer and why?
Living with roommate like I can study in abroad that
Sielence freedom apt constrate daily life perfectly ,Team spirit ,Knowing about the people 's opinions
Everything has advantages and disadvatages.
65. choose a place you go to often that is important to you and why it is important .please include specific details in your explanation.
I often go to the basketball court near my apartment. It's very important to me because I play basketball there everyday and basketball is my favorite sport. Ever since I was a little boy, I have been playing in that court with my friends. When in junior high, I practiced shooting and dribbling in that court nearly everyday till late at night. Besides, the court is the reminder of an awful lot of my valuable memories. I still can remember that how I started out shooting badly and then after several weeks' practice, I could shoot well and dribbled well. I can also remember many friends with whom I played basketball and form teams. Without that court, I couldn't possibly make so many friends. So it's very important to me.
66. some college students choose to take course in a variety of subject area in order to get a broad education. others choose to focus on a single subject area in order to have a deeper understanding of that area. which approach to course selection do you think is better for students and why?
Well, I think taking a wide variety of courses is better for students. Because, first of all, I think undergraduate study is meant for broadness. Students had better broaden their horizon and prevent themselves from being narrow-minded. Second of all, I think before students find their "true love", I mean, the subject they really want to go deep into, they should probably extend their study field and taste different subjects in various areas so as to identify the "true love". Take myself as an example, my major is software engineering in the college, but I took various courses outside my major field. Then I found out that I was more interested in literature than in computer and software. So literature is my "true love".
Describe one of the most important inventions in recent 100 years. Explain why it is so important. Your explanation should include specific examples and details.
I think,internet or something that we know as www, which means worldwide web is the most important innovation of human during the recent 100 years. Because, the first reason is, it connected people all around world, for example, we can talk with other persons just in real type, just opposite on the earth.Second, it's like huge database , you can find anything you want, but just typing some key words in search engine, and it realy helps people update their knowledge,so that's why I said that.