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I prefer to work on assignments individually. There are two reasons. The first is that I like to be in a quiet place while studying. If I study in a group, I will always be interrupted by group members who talk about irrelevant things. Then it's possible that I can't even finish the assignments. Once, I attended a group discussion. Many people were not even discussing. They were just talking about NBA games. When it ended, I got nothing from it. The second reason is that I'd like to think independently. Studying individually gives me enough time to develop my own ideas. When studying in a group, I will always be distracted by other's opinions and thoughts. So sometimes many assignments are not done by myself but by other group members. Like last week, I worked in a group to solve math problems. It turned out that many problems were solved by others not by myself. I felt very unhappy about it.
First of all that is an interesting question that most of students prefer work in group may they have sound reasons for their choise.but I prefer to work by myself(on my own).as for me it offers me so much advantages independency, freedom,and more options like sienlence or whatever I want to do like go to parkbank
And ruminate in the sielent place while sitting on the parkbank staring in the river and u can concentrate on one subject and solving about that.i think its Better and effectively for becoming sharp and keen relative to my brains.and you have confidence and do everything by own.