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Follicular phase:

days 1 - 13


day 14

Leuteal Phase:

day 15 - 28

Menstral phase:

day 1 - 5

Proliferative phase:

day 6 - 14

FSH / LH surges:

16 hrs before ovulation

Secretory phase:

day 15-28

Follicular phase ends with:


Leutal phase ends with:

degeneration of corpus luteum

Proliferative phase:

coordinates with follicular phase
estrogen thickens endo

Secretory phase:

coordinates with leutal phase

Ischemic phase (tissue death):

day 28 - day 5

Ischemic phase is when:

estrogen/progesterone drop
arteries constrict
blood flows

Follicular phase is when:

FSH surges until day 12
LH surges on day 14 for ovulation

Luetal phase is based on the activity of the :

corpus luteum

Corpus lueteum degenerates if:

no fertilization occurs

Progesterone is responsible for:

developing and maintaining the uterus

Estrogen is responsible for:

thickening the uterine lining

Corpus luetum secretes:


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