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  1. 1974 budget Control & Impoundment Act
  2. Chief executive role
  3. Chief Diplomat role
  4. Executive agreement
  5. New Hampshire
  1. a established house/senate budget committee to prohibit presidential impoundment of funds
  2. b Head of govt; enforces laws of congress, judgments of fed cts, treaties & obligations; Limited power to appoint, grant reprieves, pardons, exec clemency
  3. c power to make treaties w/ advice & consent of congress; power to enter into executive agreement; power to recognize other contries, nominate & receive ambassadors
  4. d State that usually holds the 1st primary in pres election
  5. e formal agreement of the president that does NOT require the advice/consent of the senate

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  1. Gov. Tim Kaine
  2. # of electoral votes Fl had in 2008
  3. state representatives who cast final ballot for pres
  4. forgiveness of a serious offense or offender. cancels conviction & eliminates sanctions & punishments
  5. ceremonial, symbolic, figurehead

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  1. Treatyagreement of president that DOES require 2/3 consent of senate


  2. Iowaelectoral votes rec'd by Obama in 2008


  3. Commander in Chief roleceremonial, symbolic, figurehead


  4. primaryelection which voters decide which candidate will represent a party; no party vote crossing


  5. 2 main purposes for Natl Party ConventionsVP, Speaker of House, Pres Pro Tempore, Secretaries from diff. depts (oldest to newest) starting w/ Sec'y of State & ending w/ Sec'y of Homeland Security


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