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  1. 270
  2. Active-negative Pres
  3. 23rd Amendment
  4. If no pres candidate receives 270 electoral votes
  5. 173
  1. a electoral votes rec'd by McCain in 2008
  2. b Do not enjoy presidency or power, but pursue agenda energetically. "meanies" (Johnson, Nixon)
  3. c electoral votes needed to be elected president
  4. d Gave District of Columbia 3 electoral votes but no seats in the house
  5. e House elects from top 3 candidates w/ ea state given 1 vote; reps of ea state decide who will recv that vote

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  1. like what they do and pursue agenda energetically (Roosevelt, Kennedy)
  2. State that usually holds the 1st caucus in pres election
  3. Taft, Harding, Reagan
  4. electoral voter who fails to translate their states popular vote into same candidate electoral vote
  5. established house/senate budget committee to prohibit presidential impoundment of funds

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  1. State of the Union Speech purposeHead of govt; enforces laws of congress, judgments of fed cts, treaties & obligations; Limited power to appoint, grant reprieves, pardons, exec clemency


  2. caucusprivate meeting of members of political party select delegates for nominating committee


  3. Passive-positive Preslike what they do, but not energetic in pursuits (Taft, Harding, Reagan)


  4. Pres Power of Impoundmentprevents bills passed by both houses of congress from becoming law


  5. Separate from Legislative Branchsets legislative agenda w/ state of the union; can initiate/recommend legislations; help set priorities (budget); req'd to act on bills/resolutions passed by congress w/in 10 days