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  1. Line-item veto
  2. Passive-positive Pres
  3. Pardon
  4. 25th Amendment
  5. Executive agreement
  1. a Chief Exec power to delete/veto part of a bill passed by both houses that involves taxing/spending. Can be overriden by 2/3 vote in both houses
  2. b like what they do, but not energetic in pursuits (Taft, Harding, Reagan)
  3. c formal agreement of the president that does NOT require the advice/consent of the senate
  4. d How Pres is succeeded if incapacitated (power transferred)
  5. e forgiveness of a serious offense or offender. cancels conviction & eliminates sanctions & punishments

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  1. electoral voter who fails to translate their states popular vote into same candidate electoral vote
  2. sets legislative agenda w/ state of the union; can initiate/recommend legislations; help set priorities (budget); req'd to act on bills/resolutions passed by congress w/in 10 days
  3. executive office can choose not to appear or provide info to Congress or courts
  4. limits the use of troops in oversees combats to 90 days unless Congress approves extension
  5. "rare" Coolidge, Eisenhawer

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  1. Treatyelection which voters decide which candidate will represent a party; no party vote crossing


  2. DNC chairGov. Tim Kaine


  3. Senate power of advice & consentprevents bills passed by both houses of congress from becoming law


  4. 23rd AmendmentGave District of Columbia 3 electoral votes but no seats in the house


  5. Active-negative PresDo not enjoy presidency or power, but pursue agenda energetically. "meanies" (Johnson, Nixon)