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  1. State of the Union Speech purpose
  2. 2 main purposes for Natl Party Conventions
  3. Passive-positive Pres
  4. Pres executive order powers
  5. Chief executive role
  1. a special/inherent Executive legislative power used to give directives or reorganize bureaucracy; has effect of law
  2. b 1) official nomination of Pres/VP ticket for party; 2) Pres adopts a platform of general & specific philosophies & goals
  3. c sets the legislative agenda based on presidents Chief legislative role
  4. d Head of govt; enforces laws of congress, judgments of fed cts, treaties & obligations; Limited power to appoint, grant reprieves, pardons, exec clemency
  5. e like what they do, but not energetic in pursuits (Taft, Harding, Reagan)

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  1. House elects from top 3 candidates w/ ea state given 1 vote; reps of ea state decide who will recv that vote
  2. special/inherent power where pres refuses to spend the $ congress appropriated
  3. sets legislative agenda w/ state of the union; can initiate/recommend legislations; help set priorities (budget); req'd to act on bills/resolutions passed by congress w/in 10 days
  4. authority given to congress by 2/3 vote in each house to override presidential veto
  5. Do not enjoy presidency or power, but pursue agenda energetically. "meanies" (Johnson, Nixon)

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  1. 538electoral votes rec'd by McCain in 2008


  2. Commander in Chief rolecivilian head of military; complete power over armed forces (cannot declare war); appoint/dismiss officers; directs nations defense plan; is a major source of conflict w/ congress


  3. RNC ChairMichael Steele


  4. Impeachable offensespolitical process where House of Representatives investigates by way of a grand jury and files charges against a member of the executive or judicial branch


  5. Who passive-positive presidentRoosevelt, Kennedy