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  1. Formal Roles/Powers of Pres
  2. Chief Diplomat role
  3. Head of State Role
  4. DNC chair
  5. Iowa
  1. a 1) Head of State; 2) Chief Executive; 3) Commander in Chief; 4) Chief Diplomat; 5) Chief Legislator
  2. b Gov. Tim Kaine
  3. c ceremonial, symbolic, figurehead
  4. d State that usually holds the 1st caucus in pres election
  5. e power to make treaties w/ advice & consent of congress; power to enter into executive agreement; power to recognize other contries, nominate & receive ambassadors

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  1. VP, Speaker of House, Pres Pro Tempore, Secretaries from diff. depts (oldest to newest) starting w/ Sec'y of State & ending w/ Sec'y of Homeland Security
  2. Gave District of Columbia 3 electoral votes but no seats in the house
  3. How Pres is succeeded if incapacitated (power transferred)
  4. 1) precedence 2) practices 3) customs & traditions of office
  5. Natural born citizen; at least 35 yrs old w/ 14 yrs of consecutive residency w/in US

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  1. 270# of electoral votes Fl had in 2008


  2. If no VP candidate receives 270 electoral votesHouse elects from top 3 candidates w/ ea state given 1 vote; reps of ea state decide who will recv that vote


  3. State of the Union Speech purposesets the legislative agenda based on presidents Chief legislative role


  4. Impeachable offensesstate representatives who cast final ballot for pres


  5. caucusforgiveness of a serious offense or offender. cancels conviction & eliminates sanctions & punishments