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  1. Passive-positive Pres
  2. 27
  3. Order of Pres Succession
  4. 25
  5. Line-item veto
  1. a # of electoral votes Fl had in 2008
  2. b # of electoral votes Fl had in 2000
  3. c VP, Speaker of House, Pres Pro Tempore, Secretaries from diff. depts (oldest to newest) starting w/ Sec'y of State & ending w/ Sec'y of Homeland Security
  4. d like what they do, but not energetic in pursuits (Taft, Harding, Reagan)
  5. e Chief Exec power to delete/veto part of a bill passed by both houses that involves taxing/spending. Can be overriden by 2/3 vote in both houses

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  1. "meanies" Johnson, Nixon
  2. political process where House of Representatives investigates by way of a grand jury and files charges against a member of the executive or judicial branch
  3. Temporary suspension of court imposed sentence or punishment
  4. "rare" Coolidge, Eisenhawer
  5. Parliamentary Executive

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  1. Veto power importanceprevents bills passed by both houses of congress from becoming law


  2. caucusState that usually holds the 1st caucus in pres election


  3. DNC chairMichael Steele


  4. Chief Diplomat roleelection which voters decide which candidate will represent a party; no party vote crossing


  5. 270# of electoral votes Fl had in 2008