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  1. Faithless elector
  2. Active-positive Pres
  3. 538
  4. Pocket veto
  5. Impeachable offenses
  1. a Bribery, Treason, & high crimes/misdemeanors
  2. b electoral voter who fails to translate their states popular vote into same candidate electoral vote
  3. c like what they do and pursue agenda energetically (Roosevelt, Kennedy)
  4. d a bill is considered vetoed if congress adjourns during the 10 days the president has to consider a bill passed by both houses
  5. e total electoral votes in a presidential election

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  1. Natural born citizen; at least 35 yrs old w/ 14 yrs of consecutive residency w/in US
  2. Public office awarded in payment of political support
  3. sets the legislative agenda based on presidents Chief legislative role
  4. ceremonial, symbolic, figurehead
  5. Presidential terms in office limited to 2 full terms plus 2 years (10 yrs total)

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  1. Formal Roles/Powers of Pres1) Head of State; 2) Chief Executive; 3) Commander in Chief; 4) Chief Diplomat; 5) Chief Legislator


  2. If no pres candidate receives 270 electoral votesHouse elects from top 3 candidates w/ ea state given 1 vote; reps of ea state decide who will recv that vote


  3. Pardonforgiveness of a serious offense or offender. cancels conviction & eliminates sanctions & punishments


  4. Passive-positive Preslike what they do, but not energetic in pursuits (Taft, Harding, Reagan)


  5. Active-negative PresDon't enjoy presidency and don't actively pursue agenda. "rare" (Coolidge, Eisenhower)