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  1. 25
  2. New Hampshire
  3. Who active-positive president
  4. Separate from Legislative Branch
  5. Head of State Role
  1. a # of electoral votes Fl had in 2000
  2. b ceremonial, symbolic, figurehead
  3. c Presidential executive
  4. d State that usually holds the 1st primary in pres election
  5. e Roosevelt, Kennedy

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  1. # of electoral votes Fl had in 2008
  2. special/inherent power exercised only during nat'l emergencies
  3. established house/senate budget committee to prohibit presidential impoundment of funds
  4. sets legislative agenda w/ state of the union; can initiate/recommend legislations; help set priorities (budget); req'd to act on bills/resolutions passed by congress w/in 10 days
  5. Gov. Tim Kaine

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  1. 270electoral votes needed to be elected president


  2. Super Tuesdaypolitical process where House of Representatives investigates by way of a grand jury and files charges against a member of the executive or judicial branch


  3. Who can be impeachedExecutive and Judicial Branch personnel


  4. Who active-negative presidentRoosevelt, Kennedy


  5. 538# of electoral votes Fl had in 2000


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