20 terms

Waves Worksheet

What is a wave?
A disturbance that carries energy through matter.
What is a medium?
A substance through which waves travel.
Give an example of a medium.
Air, rope, water, and train-tracks.
How does sound travel differently in different mediums?
The speed changes.
What types of waves does not require a medium to travel?
What can a mechanical wave, such as sound, not travel through?
Vacuum of space.
What are three characteristics that all waves have?
Amplitude, wavelength, and frequency.
What is the amount of time it takes for a wave to travel the distance of one wavelength?
What is the measurement of the amount of energy carried by a wave, it can be measured from the mid-point of the wave to the crest or trough?
What is the number of crests that passes a point per second?
What is the measurement of frequency?
X-rays, microwaves, and radio waves are all what type of wave?
Electromagnetic which is also transverse waves.
Sound waves are what type of waves?
Longitude which is also mechanical waves.
Why do you hear the clap of thunder after you see the bolt of lightning?
Because the waves travel at different speeds. Sound is slower then light.
What is faster than sound?
Give an example of reflection.
Echoing (bouncing back), a mirror.
What is the bending of waves due to the change in speed of medium?
What is the bending of waves around an object?
What is constructive interference or reinforcement?
Its when the crest of one wave overlaps the crest of another wave, resulting in an increased amplitude.
What is destructive interference or cancelation?
When the crest of one wave overlaps the trough of another, the amplitude is reduced.