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Authors we studied from selected time periods (Anglo Saxon,Medieval, Renaissance, 17th century, 18th Century, Romantics)

Canterbury Tales

Geoffrey Chaucer

King James Bible (editor)

Francis Bacon

Sonnets 18,29,30,73,116,130

William Shakespeare

Sonnets 26, 67, 75, 79

Edmund Spencer

The Passionate Shepherd to his Love

Christopher Marlowe

The Nymphs Reply to the Shepherd

Sir Walter Raleigh

Song to Celia

Ben Johnson

To Althea from Prison

Richard Lovelace

To Althea, from Prison

Richard Lovelace

To Lucasta, on Going to Wars

Richard Lovelace

To the Virgins Make Much of Time

Robert Herrick

To Coy His Mistress

Andrew Marvell

King Lear

William Shakespeare

On His Blindness

John Milton

Paradise Lost

John Milton


George Herbert


George Herbert

The Pulley

George Herbert

Easter Wings

George Herbert

The Alter

George Herbert


George Herbert

Hymn to God the Father

John Donne

A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning

John Donne

Holy Sonnets

John Donne

Meditation 17

John Donne

A Modest Proposal

Jonathan Swift

An Essay on Criticism

Alexander Pope

An Essay on Man

Alexander Pope

A Dictionary of the English Language

Samuel Johnson

To a Mouse

Robert Burns

To a Louse

Robert Burns

A Red, Red Rose

Robert Burns

A Mans a Man a That

Robert Burns

John Anderson my Jo

Robert Burns

She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways

William Wordsworth

Strange Fits of Passion I have Known

William Wordsworth

My Heart Leaps up When I Behold

William Wordsworth

It is a Beauteous Evening, Calm and Free

William Wordsworth

The World is Too Much with Us

William Wordsworth

The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

She Walks in Beauty

George Gordon, Lord Byron


Percy Bysshe Shelly

Ode to the West Wind

Percy Bysshe Shelly

When I Have Fears

John Keats



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