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spanish colonists who were born in spain


Latin Americans withe european heritage and military power

Panama canal

shortens journey from coast to coast. Built in return for Roosevelt winning Panama's independence

Benito Juarez

(La Reforma) Mexican lawyer and politician of Zapotec origin.
served 5 times as president, overthrew french empire and restored the republic

Toussaint L'Ouverture

was a slave before he became a revolutionary, ended slavery in Haiti, built schools bridges roads and buildings, died in French jail

Simon Bolivar

(El Libertador) from Venezuela, fought 20 battles vs. spanish, partners with Bernardo O'Higgins, and Jose de San Martin

Count Cavour

named prime minister and his job was to lead Italian Unification, worked with French to defeat Austrians and take Northern Italy
Helped Garibaldi take southern Italy

Guiseppe Garibaldi

Led nationalists, captured Sicily with a small army. Let Victor Emmanuel II rule southern Italy

Red Shirts

Nationalists in Italy who wore red

German Unification

Led by Prussia

Otto von Bismark

a Junker chosen as a Prime Minister, master of Real Politik, defies parliament and takes control without consent

Real Politik

When Government chooses what is easiest, not what is best for the people


Art that shows life how it is, not how it should be.


Art movement that showed interest in nature and feelings of the individual

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