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Mass Immigration to USA 1890-1920

What impact mass immigration had on the USA during the period 1890-1920.

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How may foreign born Americans were there by 1890?
9 million
Between which years was there a huge flood of immigrants?
1890 to 1914
Where were the older immigrants from?
Northern Europe
Where were the newer immigrants coming from?
Eastern Europe (Jews), Southern Europe (peasants)
What effect did this mass immigration have on the USA?
Rapid economic growth
What was a 'push' factor that motivated immigrants?
Persecution for Russian Jews. Economic collapse and starvation for southern Italians
What was a 'pull' factor that motivated immigrants?
Dream of improving lives
Why did this immigration not form a 'melting pot' of cultures?
Each ethnic group had their own area in a town or even its own town
What changes in American society did this immigration bring about?
Friction between newly arrived and older established groups. Religion a big one with older groups Protestant and newer ones Catholcic
What changes in American politics did this immigration bring about?
Very little. Power kept by WASPs. Irish Americans began sticking together for collective political clout
What was the significance of Tammany Hall?
1) Built by local politics to support Democratic Party. 2) Provided immigrants with social safety net. 3) Controlled businesses, influenced police and certain labour unions. 4) Influenced voting
What was the Temperance Movement?
Campaigned against drink and wanted it outlawed.
Why were many Catholics against the Temperance Movement?
Culture of social drinking within ethnic groups - Irish and Italians
Who were the 'Wets' and 'Drys'?
'Wets' for alcohol, 'Drys' against alcohol
Who was Carrie Nation
Campaigner for the 'Drys'. Smashed up saloons with an axe. 'Hatchetations'.
What was one prominent aspect of America's attempt to stem immigration?
Revival of KKK
Immigration was not only from Europe. What other form of immigration was there?
Migration of African-American from poorer south to more prosperous north.
Were the migrating African-Americans welcomed?
No. They suffered much in the same way as they did in the south.
What was one extreme reaction by the anti-immigration movement?
11 Italian-American lynched in New Orleans
What did the unions think of continued mass immigration
More workers kept pay levels low
What was thought to be an appropriate means of solving the problem of mass immigration?
Set quotas where numbers of immigrants are restricted.
Did the presidential candidates for the 1912 election support this idea?
No. Wilson, Taft and Roosevelt were against it.
What was the problem for USA when WW1 broke out?
Many immigrants were from the countries at war. Nationalist tensions.
What was the big national fear on entering WW1
Disloyalty of immigrant groups